More off than on lately…or where have I been

My schedule thus far has been all shades of everywhere. Coordinating car use, who’ll be with the kiddo at University (she’s only 16), and working has been more than a challenge. Whereas I do enjoy a good challenge, this one has moved me to my wits end.

Next month will be better.

I can’t complain about the new job though. Sure, I’d rather be a stay at home Mom getting paid to write and sell my bags….but that’s proven to not be a steady enough paycheck to live by.

Next month will be better though.

I’m still dealing with technology issues and now another key fell off my laptop keyboard AND the damn ‘N’ key doesn’t work half the time.

Next month will be better.

I fell off the Writing and Blogging 101 lessons. I will definitely pick those back up on the next round. I miss writing as much as I did and hope to get back at it soon.

Before next month.


Getting used to a new schedule…

can really suck sometimes.

I think I’m getting more acclimated to the new routine though. It was a rough couple of days when I ran out of coffee….the horror! However, green tea has become my new morning besty and I am fully off the caffeinated liquid gold…..for now. Hell, I even went for a run/walk yesterday with the kiddo.

So, with all that said, I vow to post at least every other day. I would also like to finish the two posts that I have in my Drafts folder as well as finish up Writing and Blogging 101.

Writing 101 Day 11: Reading, Writing, and then what…

There really isn’t a moment when I’m not reading something.  My world is littered with billboards, advertisments lining the upper sections of the bus,  scraps of paper haphazardly pinned to cork boards throughout campus…it’s rather annoying.  Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy reading just not every waking moment.

So, my days are filed with sundry activities. Before the sun even thinks about waking up I’m: awake,  showered,  have fed the cats – which consists of me chasing them around the house with plates of their food because each cat needs to eat in a different location. ….every day, and have read the few news sites that I deem worthy of reporting, have drunk of few cups of coffee to help me evalyate the day, and have tried, on average,  five times to have woken up my daughter.

I work for my business as well as a new job that i just started.  I tutor my daughter when she gets stuck on a subject, I cook, clean, and do the grocery shopping because my mom is retired and shouldn’t have to do that stuff.

And somewhere in all that, I find time to write 😄

Writing Assignment Day 10: Conversations over Coffee

If we were having coffee  right now you’d be watching the sun turn the dark blue of the sky to multiple shades of awake.

If we were having coffee right now you’d be looking at the laptop that I want vs the laptop that I will no doubt be getting.

If we were having coffee right now you’d be hearing my cats play, sneeze, snore, and purr.

If we were having coffee right now I’d be telling you all about the Medina Market craft fair that I was part of this past Saturday. I’d fill you in on all the sights – the many talented crafters that were there; the woman who makes the most amazing and adorable wind chime using teapots, crystals, and cutlery, the artist who mainly sells his work at galleries but did really well at this show, the smelters who were drawing a large crowd as they explained the entire process from gathering the scrap metal to the finished molded product, and of course my awesome bags and how I desperately need to take good pictures of each one and upload those pictures with fantastic descriptions to my page (which this is not the link to because I have nothing on it yet.)

If we were having coffee right now we’d be discussing the scholarships that my daughter is going to be applying to for more Japanese classes.

If we were having coffee right now I’d have to make another pot because we just finished the one I made earlier….

An Open Letter to all the technology that I own and seems to be running my life

Ok guys, knock it off. Stop being the ultimate A-holes that you’ve become.

Laptop, I know you’re older and quite full of data but you seriously  need to knock of your curmudgeonly ways. I write what and where I want to, not you. Please keep the cursor where it is and for the love of all the gods that I can name,  stop trying to translate every bloody thing!

Tablet.  You are the newest member to the technology family and I expect to have some problems trying to figure you out. Navigating on you seems to be a breeze.  Editing whatever-the-hell you think I’m saying is a veritable PAIN IN THE ASS! And please please please stop trying to help me with an editing tool….it is in no way useful.

And lastly,  my smart phone.  I love you dearly.  I use you every waking and sleeping moment of every day. You are the first object I see upon waking up (alarm clock) and the last non-animated thing I see before falling asleep (turning the sound down.) My only beef that I have with you is you trying to log into every damn WiFi available within a two mile radius! I even have that function turned off so stop it, stop it, stop it.

Fondly yours,

Your Loving Owner

Quick update on what’s going on….

I have a million posts running rampant in my brain space but my laptop is being quirky and unreliable. My tablet, the little happy device that I take to UWM with me had eaten up all the data usage for the month (it was just reset as of today). In a nutshell, I should be able to start catching up a little with the Writing 101 and Blogging 101 assignments today. Tomorrow I have a ‘show’ selling my bags that will last all day so probably no writing. With all digits crossed, I make enough money to buy a new laptop by Monday so that I can write more often, add more media, and not want to flip tables every other bloody word. (My laptop is starting to decide what I want to write and where I want to write it….annoying really.)

So….fingers crossed I can get my tablet to work and start getting these posts out of my head to make room for new ones!

Writing Day 8: Expounding Upon a Comment

Glad to hear that noise was just the cat! BunKaryudo’s comment and The noises are always the cats lol my reply.

My family consists of my Mom, myself, my daughter, and our five cats. We never planned on having five cats but then, no one really does it just…sort of happens.

Of the five, three are ‘special needs’. Our big guy, Mochi only has one eye, our big girl Dolly is very skittish, and our little white Princess, Angel, is deaf.

Reya on sewing Reya – Mochi’s sister…she’s our long hair diva

20150830_205248 the ever elusive Dolly

2014-07-22 10.56.09Angel…the real mischief maker

2014-07-26 08.48.39 the crabby girl Kairi

20150912_165252 our little pirate boy Mochi

Of all the random noises heard around the house, 99% are orchestrated by the at least one of the cats. The have knocked over my ironing board, scattered papers literally all over the living room, sounded like a herd of elephant were trampling everything in their path as they run from room to room, and purred at a sound level only broken by a drunken DJ’s shenanigans.

They keep us on our toes…sometimes literally. They help ease my daughter’s anxiety when that flairs up. And most importantly they love us unconditionally (even more so when there’s food involved). They may make a huge racket but they’re part of my family that I would never get rid of (unlike some that have since been ‘disowned.’)