Blogging 101 Day 1

I started this blog what seems like ages ago (2012) when I traveled to Japan (for the first time) with my family, Mother and Daughter. I’ve written off and on…more off than on, unfortunately, since that first trip. But I want to blog more, like every day more. So, I signed up for Blogging 101 (and Writing 101). This is the first ‘assignment.’

The ‘who I am’ is pretty easy…I’m me…a single mom to a very talented 16 year old daughter. I’m a huge advocate of world travel. I’m a cook…because no one else in my house (Mother and Daughter….and five cats) will cook. I’m a business owner, I sew bags – purses, totes, messenger bags, and the like. I’m a college graduate but never finished my MA/PhD (it’s just too pricey now to finish and with no guarantee of a good job.) I love Japan.

Now to the ‘why am I blogging (publicly)’. Well, why not. The world used to be such a huge mysterious place. To some it would seem scary, while to others fantastically exciting. Now, whereas the mystery, scary, and fantastically exciting still remain, the hugeness has shrunken drastically. I have ‘friends’ all over the world now…people who I never would have met if it weren’t for the internet. So…I want to blog (on a more continuous basis) publicly to share my stories, to read other’s stories, and maybe…make more friends.

Disclaimer….I have loads of ‘real-life’ friends who I talk and hang out with pretty frequently. I’m not doing this to cling onto ‘internet’ friends….