Summer Projects and Plans

It’s finally summer! That means planting, cook outs, and projects. The planting and cook outs are the fun easy part, the projects not so much. This year I have a veritable laundry list of fixes that desperately need to be done. 

I need a new front porch/deck, new doors (front and back screen, back inner), chimney repair or just removal (prefer removal but themeand either re-route water heater exhaust vent or install a tankless one), build a back deck, new storm/screen windows, new bathroom window with possible wall repair, paint all rooms and the basement, finish removing the plastic tiles lining the kitchen walls, rip up existing carpet then re-carpet Aine’s room, re-floor kitchen/back hall/basement stairs….

It seems as if the list gross every day. Some of these tasks aren’t as important and can wait until next year. However I’d like to get them done as soon as I can. 

Some of these tasks I can do on my own or with help. Most, however, I’ll either need to hire a contractor or bribe people to help me because I sure can’t build a deck myself!