About time

It’s been roughly 30 years since I bought new living room furniture. A few weeks ago, I found some deals that I couldn’t pass up. And frankly, it was time. 

The old blue couch and love seat gave us all they had and saw some pretty amazing times. The past couple of years were rough on them, springs went the wrong way, cushions were getting a little flatter, and the cats had found new scratching posts.

(not the original location of the love seat)
I had want to paint the living room before buying new furniture but I guess it wasn’t in the stars.

(patiently waiting)
I wasn’t too keen on the color of the new pieces but once they were in place I knew I made the right decision.

(the lighting isn’t the best)

And the cats like them too 🤓


Fresh Start

I started a new job recently. I didn’t want to but it was necessary. The business is good but doesn’t pay the bills. I’ll keep creating/sewing but more on the side now. 

I’ll be taking a three weekend class this March to earn my teaching certificate, which something that I’ve wanted to do for some time. I’m really excited about it and March can’t come soon enough.