Time for Home Projects

I’m not a huge fan of hot weather so 99.9% of any home improvement projects get put off until the cold breezes of Autumn come around. I don’t mind working outside in an extra layer, or two. I do mind cute little helpless chipmunks getting into my dryer via the dryer exhaust vent. (I rescued the little critters and got them back outside happy and healthy – my cats, on the other hand, weren’t so happy with the rescue.)

Yesterday found me running errands to the local hardware store for a new dryer venting system. Hardware stores, like office supply stores, are a world of wonder to me. I love them. I want to buy all the things. I want to spackle stuff. I want to re-floor my kitchen with Italian marble. I want to re-grout my bathroom. Basically I want to do all the things…most of which I’ve never done and would end very, very poorly. So, I spend WAY too much time in hardware stores…so much so that I came home when the sun was just putting itself to bed. I did get the venting put together for the inside of the house, the outside venting will hopefully be put on today…after work.

In other news, I’m back to researching copywriting jobs. I’ve said it before that I’m much happier with writing. I still need a new laptop (especially one where all the keys are in place and actually work) but the new job is helping to fund that. I won’t quit the new job just yet, though. If all goes the way I want it to, I’ll be writing full time and supplementing my income with the outside job. (and writing here more often….and finishing the two posts that are sitting in my Drafts folder…..)


More off than on lately…or where have I been

My schedule thus far has been all shades of everywhere. Coordinating car use, who’ll be with the kiddo at University (she’s only 16), and working has been more than a challenge. Whereas I do enjoy a good challenge, this one has moved me to my wits end.

Next month will be better.

I can’t complain about the new job though. Sure, I’d rather be a stay at home Mom getting paid to write and sell my bags….but that’s proven to not be a steady enough paycheck to live by.

Next month will be better though.

I’m still dealing with technology issues and now another key fell off my laptop keyboard AND the damn ‘N’ key doesn’t work half the time.

Next month will be better.

I fell off the Writing and Blogging 101 lessons. I will definitely pick those back up on the next round. I miss writing as much as I did and hope to get back at it soon.

Before next month.

Getting used to a new schedule…

can really suck sometimes.

I think I’m getting more acclimated to the new routine though. It was a rough couple of days when I ran out of coffee….the horror! However, green tea has become my new morning besty and I am fully off the caffeinated liquid gold…..for now. Hell, I even went for a run/walk yesterday with the kiddo.

So, with all that said, I vow to post at least every other day. I would also like to finish the two posts that I have in my Drafts folder as well as finish up Writing and Blogging 101.