Writing 101 Day 11: Reading, Writing, and then what…

There really isn’t a moment when I’m not reading something.  My world is littered with billboards, advertisments lining the upper sections of the bus,  scraps of paper haphazardly pinned to cork boards throughout campus…it’s rather annoying.  Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy reading just not every waking moment.

So, my days are filed with sundry activities. Before the sun even thinks about waking up I’m: awake,  showered,  have fed the cats – which consists of me chasing them around the house with plates of their food because each cat needs to eat in a different location. ….every day, and have read the few news sites that I deem worthy of reporting, have drunk of few cups of coffee to help me evalyate the day, and have tried, on average,  five times to have woken up my daughter.

I work for my business as well as a new job that i just started.  I tutor my daughter when she gets stuck on a subject, I cook, clean, and do the grocery shopping because my mom is retired and shouldn’t have to do that stuff.

And somewhere in all that, I find time to write 😄

9 thoughts on “Writing 101 Day 11: Reading, Writing, and then what…

  1. In honesty, I have not yet read this post, (I will, though!) but I’m heading out for my birthday celebrations, and wanted to get this out for the weekend, but I love your site and want to recommend it to more people via the Blogger Recognition Award. I know not everyone participates in the awards system, and if you don’t, I completely understand. But you can find the details at http://wp.me/p6s2CE-8i if you’re interested. Either way, please take it as a sign of my regard for your site!

  2. I get so critical, that I just feel I shouldn’t put anything down. Then yesterday, someone told me, you write suck beautiful things, you know your a writer, keep writing, don’t hold it it. So, you know what, we do what we do, because we have to get it out… We leave a mark with the stroke of a pen, or in this case, the wordpress. LOL

  3. If I ever find myself, say, brushing my teeth without something to read, watch or listen to, I resort to looking at the ingredients on the back of toothpaste tubes. I guess it’s a bit sad when you think about it. 😦

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