Writing Day 8: Expounding Upon a Comment

Glad to hear that noise was just the cat! BunKaryudo’s comment and The noises are always the cats lol my reply.

My family consists of my Mom, myself, my daughter, and our five cats. We never planned on having five cats but then, no one really does it just…sort of happens.

Of the five, three are ‘special needs’. Our big guy, Mochi only has one eye, our big girl Dolly is very skittish, and our little white Princess, Angel, is deaf.

Reya on sewing Reya – Mochi’s sister…she’s our long hair diva

20150830_205248 the ever elusive Dolly

2014-07-22 10.56.09Angel…the real mischief maker

2014-07-26 08.48.39 the crabby girl Kairi

20150912_165252 our little pirate boy Mochi

Of all the random noises heard around the house, 99% are orchestrated by the at least one of the cats. The have knocked over my ironing board, scattered papers literally all over the living room, sounded like a herd of elephant were trampling everything in their path as they run from room to room, and purred at a sound level only broken by a drunken DJ’s shenanigans.

They keep us on our toes…sometimes literally. They help ease my daughter’s anxiety when that flairs up. And most importantly they love us unconditionally (even more so when there’s food involved). They may make a huge racket but they’re part of my family that I would never get rid of (unlike some that have since been ‘disowned.’)

One thought on “Writing Day 8: Expounding Upon a Comment

  1. I can totally agree with you about the cats, our 16 cats rule the house. when their is any type of random noise, we know it will be one of the cats as usually when one cat is sleeping another is starting their hour of playtime. Maria x

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