Writing 101; Day 6: The Space to Write

I can write anywhere in any environment. If pushed to do so, I can sit and write on a bus that seems to be traveling at warp speed through the ‘heavy’ Milwaukee rush hour.

However, I prefer to sit either in my kitchen while the sun is just cresting over the horizon and staining the black sky with pinks and faint yellows. The house is relatively quiet, the only noise is the cats crunching on their food with the occasional burp….from one of them, not me. My coffee, fresh and never out of reach, serves as an inspiration to be creative at such an early hour. In the summer the birds are singing their praises to the sun and heat that is promised to the day. In the winter…well…it’s dark, and that’s about it.

Lately though, I’ve been slipping and my schedule is way different. My daughter’s high school classes started up a couple of weeks ago and with them came the opportunity, albeit a very expensive opportunity, for her to take Japanese at UW-Milwaukee. Suffice it to say, all of my time is now divided up between transportation/chaperoning her to and from her physical class, tutoring her with three out of her four high school classes, sewing (my business), and taking care of the house (myself and my Mom own the house that my grandparents – her parents – built.)

I started writing on my tablet while the kiddo was in her class. I would re-arrange the chairs in the hallway so that I could commandeer the outlet and then I would have an hour to write. And then, the cleaning lady started talking to me – we exchanged names today – and I guess I look like the person to talk to when the activities of the day are at a dull. It’s really ok…I do like talking to people…that’s how I make the fabulous contacts that I have today.

So, in a nutshell, I love the early morning hours but I won’t get up earlier than 4am just to write. I love the quiet, but never really find it anymore. So, I write when I can, where I can, and for long I can….either on my laptop or my tablet….I get my thoughts out faster that way.

Now…onto the poll. I’ve done what seems like a million things in my so many years on this planet. I’ve been to three different countries and have had fabulous experiences on all of them. I think I’m raising my daughter pretty successfully (she is a fabulous anime/manga artist and has sold a number of prints as well as commissions. She does have some issues with anxiety but we’re working on combating those.) I love to eat…hell, who doesn’t…and try new restaurants. So….below (if done correctly) is my poll. Tell me what you want to read about…from me of course 🙂


8 thoughts on “Writing 101; Day 6: The Space to Write

  1. Hey Christi. It looks like you did the poll correctly. Only thing was there wasn’t an option for All of the Above. That is the one I wanted to check so I decided to leave you a reply instead. 😉

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