The Liebster Award…Holy Cats!

I am very humbled and speechless to have been nominated by rekasg and Indulge Your Inner Foodie for the


Liebster Blog Award.

There are some very simple rules to follow:


With that (the rules) being said, I am combining the two nominations into one (very long…sorry) post. I hope this doesn’t break “the rules”…gulp!

The questions that rekasg asked:

  1. Chocolate or Lemon? Can’t I have both? They are equally as delicious and versatile. And who doesn’t like chocolate covered anything?
  2. On a rainy day, what will you be doing?  That all depends on the day. During the week I’m down at UWM with my daughter and soon I’ll be working after that. Weekends are completely different. I’ll either be sewing, cooking, or cleaning….or sitting by a window and watching the rain.
  3. If you are to go back to school (with fundings), what course will you pursue? I’d finish up my Masters Degree in History and Museum Studies and then go on to my PhD in Anthropology. Or maybe I’d go for Business….or ALL THE THINGS! I love learning so if the funding is there why not!
  4. What colour do yo find yourself wearing the most? Black. Aside from the fact that I can’t drink anything without spilling it on me it goes with every other color 🙂
  5. Name an artist or personality you wish was your Uncle or Aunt. Hands down Salvador Dali. I love the way he was true to himself and his art.
  6. Which Country would you like to be in right now? My heart is in Japan.
  7. What is your favourite festive snack or drink? I like to mix fruit juice with seltzer water. It’s our ‘healthier’ version of soda and I can alter how sweet it is. Snack….hmmmm….that’s a bit trickier. I’d have to say either Sweet Potato chips or anything Matcha flavored.
  8. Do you get 8hrs of sleep daily? Oh I wish! I try but my cats (five in total) like to wreck havoc on the house while we sleep…and they like to eat while the sun is coming up.
  9. Do you love your job? If it doesn’t apply to you, do you love what you’re up to? I do. I own my own business – I design and create bags (everything from wallets to travel bags). It keeps me creative and I really enjoy the entire process. However, the income isn’t constant so I will be starting a ‘regular’ job soon. Everyone that I’ve met at the new job is pretty awesome….and they don’t mind tattoos!
  10. What’s your pick-me-up drink in the morning? Coffee, definitely coffee. On weekends, or special days I like to sandwich ground cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and freshly grated nutmeg between the grounds. It’s sooooo damn good.
  11. If you were on a beach with me, what will you be doing? Talking, relaxing, blogging (hahaha), and just enjoying being there.

The questions that Indulge Your Inner Foodie asked:

  1. What is your absolute favorite food? Sushi…if I could live on just sushi I would be so happy.
  2. If you could vacation anywhere in the world where would it be? Japan. I’ve been there twice and was amazed both times. I really feel that Japan is my home.
  3. Is there anyone past, or present, that is famous that you would love to spend an hour with? Miyazaki Hayao (founder of Studio Ghibli)
  4. What is one question that you would ask that person? Aside from, “can you give my daughter a job?” I would want to know everything, all the steps, from when he first started out to where he is today.
  5. How long have you had your current blog? Almost three years. I started it right before we went to Japan. I found it easier and faster than posting on FaceBook.
  6. What character trait bothers you most about people? Lack of compassion.
  7. What is one dream you had as a child that you’ve had come true? To be true to myself….and be a pretty kick ass person 🙂
  8. What is your favorite holiday food? Just one??? This one is pretty tough. I love all the old traditional foods that my family used to make – sarma, polichinkas, struedal, pogachka, dusen confecto cookies, as well as the new traditional foods that I make with my mom and daughter – berry yam bake, snow ball cookies, homemade hot chocolate (which isn’t specifically holiday), soft pretzels….I can’t pick one, so I’ll say the ones that I can eat.
  9. What is your favorite movie of all time? Sid and Nancy (I’m still a Punk at heart)
  10. Where do you want to be in 5 years? Living and working in Japan
  11. Was there a blog you read that inspired you to create yours? Sort of. Right when we were trying to figure out our first trip to Japan, I started watching a YouTube channel by Miceala Braithwaite. Her suggestions and words of wisdom really helped us in planning our trip. I later started reading her ミカエラの ASIA TRAVEL DIARIES, as well as others, and decided that I should I blog…especially about the trip. (sorry if that sounds stalkerish…I totally don’t mean it to, nor am I a stalker….)

So now it’s my turn to nominate…..(and if one/any of my nominees have already been nominated I sincerely apologize). I have chosen all of you because I like the way you write and the varied topics of your posts 🙂



the uncharted way

miss sweet thing



project partners


king of states


finding my inner zen

dreaming of a world bigger than ours

And now….my questions!

  1. What was the last cd you listened to?
  2. What is your favorite thing to do?
  3. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?
  4. If you could travel back in time, when and where would you go?
  5. If you could do something over again, what would it be?
  6. What is your favorite band/cd?
  7. What is your favorite ‘comfort’ food?
  8. Coffee or tea?
  9. Which do you prefer, city or country living?
  10. Favorite animal?
  11. (and because, after I don’t know how many years, I was asked out on a date…weird!!) If you could take me anywhere, where would it be and what would we do?

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