Sometimes you get help from those you would never expect

Admittedly this is not the first picture that I was going to choose. However, after the activities of yesterday afternoon (which is the reason that I’m a day behind in posting) this picture is perfect.

A typical weekday afternoon finds me sitting in a not dim but not well lit hallway of a building on the UWM campus.  The chair is comfortable enough for the hour that  I’m there. The noise coming from the closed door classrooms is a low din of multiple languages.  For the most part I’m there alone with my tablet.  Occasionally, there’s a man in his mid-40’s that sits at the other end of the dismal row of chairs. Today,  he was there….sleeping.

There was also a very faint peeping sound.  I didn’t make much of it because birds will often perch on the window ledges,  almost as if to mock the captive humans. It wasn’t until I heard a cleaning woman ” talking” to a little bird that realize the poor little feathered friend was as captive as the rest of us.

I gathered my bags and went over to where the cleaning woman was and proceeded to convince the bird,  a little sparrow – or sputzy as my grandparents used to call them – that she needed to come down from the sky light and follow us humans out to freedom.  She wasn’t listening.  I offered up some of my lunch,  delicious organic peanut butter and raspberry spread on country bread.  She wanted none of it.

Finally,  she flew down, bounced around the hallway, and gracefully entered an occupied office. By this time the sleeping man was awake and offered his help. He announced he was a hunter and could catch the bird.  After what seemed like hours but was only 10 minutes, our hunter had gently captured the frightened and, by this time, exhausted bird.  He, with the bird swaddled in a towel, and I sprinted down the two flights of stairs and out into an area adorned with an array of foliage.  Our new little friend didn’t even think twice,  she opened her wings and shot through the air to land in a delicate small shrub.

I came back into the building feeling awesome. I’m sure the bird felt just as good. The man went back to sleep.

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