Writing 101: Day 3: One Word Inspiration

At the moment I wish I could use the word quiet…because that is the one element missing. However, it’s not on the list (and I love lists) so the word that inspires me the most is Love.

Love has gotten me to where I am today. I have BA’s in History and Ethnic Studies, a Certificate in Celtic Studies (with the emphasis on Irish Gaeilge), I a step away from my MA in History and Museum Studies but the $$$ is not there to finish, I have an AMAZING 16 year old daughter who is a wickedly talented anime/manga artist, I have a house that I co-own with my Mom…a house that my grandparents build in 1940, and I have been on two amazing vacations to Japan because of the love my Mom has for my daughter and me and NOT my aunt….long story, maybe for later.

Love is going to take me to places that I long to be. I will live in Japan within the next three years, I know I will…it’s the only place – besides my house….not my city/state/country – that I truly feel comfortable in. It’s a weird comfortable feeling that can’t really be explained. I fell in love with the country before the plane even landed. If it weren’t for our cats, and the fact that my daughter is still in High School, I’d be living there now.

I love what I do for a living…design and create bags – purses through laptop bags. It’s fun. It passes the time. AND it’s profitable…just not on a consistent basis. BUT, I love it…even when it’s frustrating.

Love inspires me to be better…for my family, my business, and my future.

7 thoughts on “Writing 101: Day 3: One Word Inspiration

  1. Great post to set the scene – and I truly understand that feeling of love you talk about. I look forward to more posts. Cheers from Australia.

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