Busy Busy Busy Me

I seem to say this more often than I’d like to, especially here.

Life gets complicated and busy…so very busy!

My good friend opened Mischief Makers Gallery (with two of her other friends) a few months ago and this past Friday was their grand opening. They were gracious enough to let some of their friends display and sell crafts that they hand made. I was lucky enough to be one of those friends. Of course this meant that I needed to devote a lot of time to sewing.

It totally paid off. I sold enough bags to justify a little shopping trip to Mitsuwa Marketplace, a Japanese grocery store in Illinois (about an hour and a half drive from my house.) I bought some really awesome books at the Kinokuniya bookstore that’s inside Mitsuwa.


Oh, I’ll also be making veggie lasagna for dinner (food stuffs not bought from Mitsuwa but rather a little shopping trip this morning to Outpost Natural Foods here in Milwaukee.)

Besides all the sewing, we needed to sort through our clothes and household items to figure out what we wanted/needed to keep and what is going to go into a rummage sale – hopefully next weekend. So far we have this nice little gathering of items…


…plus one more large tote that I forgot about.

So that leads to today….my day to catch up on relaxing, more sewing – cuz I really do love it, and watching some Du RaRaRa…cuz that anime makes me homesick and that’s exactly what I need today.

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