What happens when I go on a cleaning spree…

Last Saturday my kiddo and I decided to give our house (sans bedrooms and basement) a really good cleaning. We swept/vacuumed, put away things that had been taken out earlier in the week, vacuumed out the kitchen garden windows, and wiped down all the counters in the kitchen. It felt good to clean. To clarify, our house is always clean but this was like a Spring cleaning…in 80 degree weather.

So, as great as the house feels…and it still does…my knee decided it wasn’t going to be happy. So unhappy, in fact, that yesterday I couldn’t bend it. Sure I could walk on it but forget about sitting down unless I had my leg out straight.

At the time I saw this as a major inconvenience. There was a ton of stuff that I wanted to get done yesterday but I was pretty much stationary. Now that it’s been another day my knee feels a bit better but not 100%. I plan on taking this time to get some hand sewing done as well as new sewing project research. I may get some regular sewing done but I’ll need my sewing maching brought downstairs for me…I am not carrying a very expensive sewing machine down a flight a stairs with the threat of my knee buckling.

I hope that tomorrow my knee has improved enough so that I can exercise…just not as extreme as I usually do.

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