Getting back on track

I’ve never been the kind to just let things slip by. I try to get things done quickly so that I can move on to the next project, whether that be a new bag or cleaning the house. So I have no idea what happened in the last couple of weeks.

Now that I realize that I haven’t been as productive as I should be, I need to change that. The promise of the weather being wicked hot and humid today means that I need to get all the ‘physical’ stuff as early as possible so that I can hand sew all the onigiri that was stuffed last night – I make little stuffed animals as well as bags and purses.

I’m also going to start up my lists again. I’m a great list maker and seem to get everything done if I write it down on paper. I don’t know when I stopped doing that but I need to start it up again.

Ok, enough typing….time to get sweeping!

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