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Adventures with long hair

So, I’m letting my hair grow again. I need to trim the ends a bit but that’s all I’m going to do…oh and trim the bangs too. Because I’m letting my hair grow, and it’s half-way down my back now, I tend to get warmer in the Dog Days of Summer. So, most of the time I have my hair pony-tailed and up off my warm and sticky skin. With this in mind, when I do have my hair down I forget how long it’s gotten and it leads to situations such as the following:

Scenario 1:

I need to plug in the cord for my phone charger. The outlet is behind the couch. Instead of getting up off the couch, walking to the side of said piece of furniture, and plugging said cord into the outlet, I opt for the ‘easier’ method – kneel on the cushion, lean over the back of the couch and plug the cord into the outlet. Problem #1 – my hair is down. Problem #2 – I forgot that my hair is down. End result – I end up leaning on my hair – not just in one place but two – and get completely stuck. I honestly could not move. It did, however, lend hours of giggling for the kiddo.

Scenario 2:

I go walking almost every morning with my Mom and daughter. I’m the one who ends up driving, which – if you’ve ever driven with my Mom – is fine by me. We leave fairly early, 7am is the latest that I like to leave the house, and 90% of my neighbors haven’t left their houses yet. However, I don’t leave the house with my hair up….it’s just not what I do. So, I get to the car, get in, close the door, go to buckle up the seat belt and can’t move….my hair has been firmly closed in the door. Open the door, pull my hair into the car with me, close the door, and continue. *Note* – this happens almost ALL the time and why I don’t remember is beyond me.

Scenario 2.5:

When I drive around, except on the freeway, I keep the windows down to get a breeze in the car and to not have to turn the a/c on. When I get to where I need to be, or on the freeway, I roll the windows up. When my hair is down 9 times out of 10 it will hitch a ride with the window and proceed to get nice and secure at the top of the window. This is far more problematic, and I imagine humorous, when I’m on the freeway.

Scenario 3:

Bedtime. The time when I should be relaxing to the fullest and getting ready for the next day. This doesn’t happen with long hair….that isn’t pulled up and secured. I, undoubtedly, will wake myself up at least a half dozen times through-out the night because I have gotten wrapped up, not in the sheets, but in my own hair. Sometimes it wraps itself around my neck and feels as if my own hair is trying to choke me out. Sometimes it gets wrapped up around my arms – usually via the armpit area – as if it’s holding me down. It’s terrifying at first, then downright annoying. I have since gotten into the habit of securing my hair up prior to retiring to bed.

I think that’s enough for now. Maybe I’ll continue this saga at a later day with more horrifying and humorous adventures with long hair

What happens when I go on a cleaning spree…

Last Saturday my kiddo and I decided to give our house (sans bedrooms and basement) a really good cleaning. We swept/vacuumed, put away things that had been taken out earlier in the week, vacuumed out the kitchen garden windows, and wiped down all the counters in the kitchen. It felt good to clean. To clarify, our house is always clean but this was like a Spring cleaning…in 80 degree weather.

So, as great as the house feels…and it still does…my knee decided it wasn’t going to be happy. So unhappy, in fact, that yesterday I couldn’t bend it. Sure I could walk on it but forget about sitting down unless I had my leg out straight.

At the time I saw this as a major inconvenience. There was a ton of stuff that I wanted to get done yesterday but I was pretty much stationary. Now that it’s been another day my knee feels a bit better but not 100%. I plan on taking this time to get some hand sewing done as well as new sewing project research. I may get some regular sewing done but I’ll need my sewing maching brought downstairs for me…I am not carrying a very expensive sewing machine down a flight a stairs with the threat of my knee buckling.

I hope that tomorrow my knee has improved enough so that I can exercise…just not as extreme as I usually do.

Getting back on track

I’ve never been the kind to just let things slip by. I try to get things done quickly so that I can move on to the next project, whether that be a new bag or cleaning the house. So I have no idea what happened in the last couple of weeks.

Now that I realize that I haven’t been as productive as I should be, I need to change that. The promise of the weather being wicked hot and humid today means that I need to get all the ‘physical’ stuff as early as possible so that I can hand sew all the onigiri that was stuffed last night – I make little stuffed animals as well as bags and purses.

I’m also going to start up my lists again. I’m a great list maker and seem to get everything done if I write it down on paper. I don’t know when I stopped doing that but I need to start it up again.

Ok, enough typing….time to get sweeping!

Cutting the grass – or as I like to call it, Adventures in which kind of bug will get me first

I have some pretty harsh allergies to bug bites. Spider bites – the non-lethal kind – look like giant blisters. Mosquito bites look like I have a golf ball nesting under my skin. Bee/wasp stings could send me straight to the hospital. The list goes on and on. So, when it comes time to mow the lawn it’s really an adventure.

Today, I saved a honey bee….which made me feel great if not a little nervous that she was going to see me as a threat and sting me….which didn’t happen. I was successful in my endeavor – all 90 minutes of it. I was pretty happy. And then I noticed that the raspberry bushes had a pretty decent amount of fruit that needed to be picked. After, maybe, one minute it started. Ants. Black ants. Freakin’ everywhere! Everywhere on me. I didn’t get bit much, maybe three that I can remember, but sometimes that’s not the point. I┬áhastily finished harvesting the raspberries and headed into the house….or shower to be more exact.

I hate the biting/stinging kind of bugs….they really ruin nature for me.

Schedules and Lists

I’m a list maker. Not just a grocery store list maker but an EVERYTHING list maker. It’s not that I have a bad memory but rather I have too much going on in my head. I have a million ideas that pop up throughout the day that could easily side-track what I’m doing.

With that said, I also realized that I need to come up with a daily schedule for myself. I find myself losing track of time and not being able to finish tasks that I want to. I’ve also run short on some of my goals that I want/need to get finished.

This needs to change. I need to make my goals, plain and simple. I need to start keeping better track of my time and stop getting so distracted. I need to start getting back into the mindset that when I’m in my sewing room I’m at work….working…to make money.

Parades, Barbecues, and Good Friends

Yesterday was the Fourth of July here in the United States. This means loads of parades, picnics, the end of Summerfest (a big musical festival and drunk fest), and most importantly being surrounded by good friends/family.

Yesterday there were parade parties to attend in the morning, birthday parties to relax at in the afternoon through evening, and if we weren’t so tired, fireworks displays later in the night. I met some awesome new people, got caught up with some old friends, got to play with one of the most gentle pit bulls that I ever met, watched chickens roam around in a backyard, and ate like a royal.

Every day I am reminded on how blessed I am with the people that are in my life – even those that I don’t see every day.