Recharging the ol’ batteries

It’s 4:47 Tuesday morning. I work at 6am and need to leave the house by 5:30am so I can be to work on time (I really hate being late for anything.) I’ve said this a million times before (either in my blogging or voiced) I love this time of day.

No matter how much sleep I got or didn’t get – I do have five cats – I find myself waking up rather easily at 4am. There’s a magic in the early morning hours that I can’t quite describe. The birds sound a little different, the animals seem to be more relaxed, and the sun is beautifully waking up to share multi-colored ribbons across the sky that are only visible in the wee hours of the day.

I also find that my mind is more clear. Any frustration based doubts about what path I’ve chosen to undertake or where I am in life seem so trivial and melt away. Maybe it’s the coffee, I don’t know, but I feel great at this time of the day. I find that I can focus better on what I need to get done, not just for today but for the future in general.

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