3am is not a magical time

It’s no real secret that I love the early mornings. I love to sit at my kitchen table and listen to the birds singing and the outside world waking up. When the weather permits, I have the sides of the two big garden windows open. The air smells different, in a good way, in the early mornings. I also seem more productive when I wake up before the sun is just beginning to crest the horizon.

However, when I wake up, for no apparent reason at all, at 3am the magic has yet to appear. This phenomenon doesn’t happen all that often but it did this morning. And since I’m ‘wide awake’ my brain goes into over-drive and I think about things that normally aren’t a big deal in an ‘OH MY GOD, THIS…OH MY GOD, THAT….OH MY GOD….OH MY GOD….’. I haven’t learned how to tell my brain that all is ok, and it’s 3am and there’s nothing I can do about X, Y, or Z until the rest my world is awake and functioning.

So, needless to say, I’m a bit on the groggy side this morning. I did manage to have my coffee, heat up bagels for breakfast, and search the internet for random things….like houses for sale in Akita, Japan.

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