Recharging the ol’ batteries

It’s 4:47 Tuesday morning. I work at 6am and need to leave the house by 5:30am so I can be to work on time (I really hate being late for anything.) I’ve said this a million times before (either in my blogging or voiced) I love this time of day.

No matter how much sleep I got or didn’t get – I do have five cats – I find myself waking up rather easily at 4am. There’s a magic in the early morning hours that I can’t quite describe. The birds sound a little different, the animals seem to be more relaxed, and the sun is beautifully waking up to share multi-colored ribbons across the sky that are only visible in the wee hours of the day.

I also find that my mind is more clear. Any frustration based doubts about what path I’ve chosen to undertake or where I am in life seem so trivial and melt away. Maybe it’s the coffee, I don’t know, but I feel great at this time of the day. I find that I can focus better on what I need to get done, not just for today but for the future in general.


Going to Work

I basically work from home, with the rare exception that I am called into the ‘job.’ I love working from home. I don’t have to get all dolled up. I can use the bathroom when I need to. It’s really comfortable at home. I’m able to help my daughter when she’s having issues with her classes/lessons. I don’t have to worry about being late for work. I don’t have to ‘commute’, unless you count walking up a flight of stairs. However, there are some very distinct difficulties.

I have five cats that all want attention at the same time by helping me with my sewing. If I tried to ‘lock’ them out of the sewing room (which I can’t because there isn’t a door) they would sit and meow and cry and then get into all sorts of mischief. I’m also bothered to come downstairs for this, that, or some other reason. It’s all rather annoying but I don’t think I would want to change it.

I need to make this business work. I need to be able to make enough money to provide for myself and my family (Mom and daughter.) Above all else, I need to prove to myself and everyone that I can be successful without the outside ‘job.’

And with that said…I turn on my music (probably Versailles and Dir en Grey today) and I get to work.

Sewing, storms, and focus

Sometimes sewing isn’t so easy. I often struggle with putting fabrics together. Either the patterns are right or the color is off. It’s frustrating really.  I do have a good supply of material here at home (thanks to a fabulous friend who hooks me up with large fabric swatches from the furniture store that she works for) but sometimes I find it’s not enough. However, I don’t have a ton of money to just run off to the fabric store and get what I would need/want. I know, first world problems.

But then, there’s days like today. I had a late start because of a pretty strong line of storms that came through our area. I wanted to just lay low in case we had to dash down to the basement. Thankfully the storms weren’t bad so I was able to focus on what I wanted to get done….and I made this little pretty.

Upolstery Bag 1Upolstery Bag 2

The dangers of yard work

Yesterday the kiddo and I spent 7+ hours out in the yard. It was awesome to be outside and getting as much yard work done as we did. The yard looks so much better and the gardens are starting to look great, my hands, on the other hand (no pun intended) not so much.

I don’t mind the dirt stains – those wear off relatively quickly. My nails grow back pretty fast. However, the copious amounts of cuts and mysterious bug bites…those I loathe. I had no idea that the act of pulling weeds could slice one’s flesh open as easily as it did.

I’m taking today easy. I have an outing this afternoon as well as a graduation party tonight. There’s always tomorrow to finish weeding the gardens and hanging out in the wilds of my yard.


It’s finally nice outside!

I have what seems like a million yard work tasks to get done today. The weather has been pretty rainy lately and I haven’t been able to get much of anything done. It’s nice with the kiddo home so she can hold the ladder while I clean out the gutters on the house and garage. (I’ll also put her to work weeding out the gardens mwah hahahaha).

I feel very refreshed and renewed today. I like this feeling. I think I’ll start on that list now…

Unexpected hiatus

I was called in to work my on-call job for Monday – Wednesday. It’s a great place and I really enjoy the work that I do (even if it is messy and dirty.) And I really appreciate that they have enough faith in me that I can work a machine after being shown once how to do it. I also love getting done with my job at 2 in the afternoon. However, that also means that I wake up at 4am, leaving me pretty exhausted by the time I get home and showered. And on top of that I had a migraine that lasted two days.

However, I’m back now and feeling much better. 🙂

A glorious day off

I don’t get days off very often. My days are filled with sewing/creating and/or cleaning. It’s not a bad thing, I actually enjoy what I do. However, a day off every once in a while is like a mini vacation.

Today I feel relaxed and revived and ready to tackle the day…after my coffee of course 🙂