Adventures in the land of moving ridiculously heavy furniture

I’ve decided to move my sewing area back into my old bedroom from the basement. Most of the items that need moving are fairly manageable – sewing machines, ironing board, small bookcase…etc. However, I also needed to move the behemoth monstrosity that is my sewing table…and I only had my 16 year old artist daughter to help me.

The beast is on wheels so I knew it wouldn’t be bad getting it across the floors – basement, first, and second. However, the two flights of stairs, however, were going to be a challenge. We managed to get the table wedged on the way up the first two steps out of the basement (both sets of stairs make a slight curve from bottom going up) and on every single stair….every.single.stair.

And we broke one of the wheels off.

And the glass door on the front.

However, neither of us bled, so I guess it was a win.

Today, I try to re-attach the wheels…try.

Also, my daughter likes to swear….especially when hangry.

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