Trying to get stuff done when one live with 5 needy cats…

I live with 5 rescued cats. They are all awesome and loveable, and very needed…at times when I need to get this done. Take for instance, early this morning. My daughter and I decided that we really need to start exercising again. After our walk in the morning with my Mom and the kiddo completed her Gothic Literature final exam (she ‘attends’ a virtual school) we ventured down to the basement to complete a nice little work-out. We decided to start ‘small’ and work our way back into the Insanity Work outs because those are hellish.

I won’t bore you all with the details of the work out because they are boring and we couldn’t do as much as I thought we’d be able to. Not only because we are out of shape but because our cats love us…when we’re trying to do something….like push-ups or planks. Don’t get me wrong, I love snuggling with my cats….just not when I’m dripping with sweat and trying to not collapse while in the midst of a plank.

I also have my own business. I sew bags – totes, handbags, wallets….that sort of thing. I try to get down to my sewing area (also in the basement) when my cats are asleep. I can usually be alone sewing/cutting material for maybe a half hour before this happens….

Reya on sewing

This was yesterday. Reya was helping me examine the material to make sure it was worthy…or something like that.

So with that said…the house is quiet…I should try and get some sewing done now….

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