Moving right along

I missed blogging yesterday because I worked my on-call job. I like that job a lot and wish it were more than on-call.

It’s a bit later than normal when I blog so my thoughts aren’t as random. However, I have a ton of stuff to get done today – the boring domestic stuff….laundry, straightening up my room, etc….as well as the fun stuff…more research for the new chapter of my life (details will be posted as soon as it’s closer to feeling more real for me), sewing, and getting things ready for the upcoming rummage sale.

I don’t really have much to blog about today. I don’t know why. My brain isn’t tired, thanks be to coffee. Maybe it’s because it’s so late and I’m pre-occupied with the chores that I need to get finished before tonight.

I guess, if I have something ground-breaking to write about, I’ll update later.

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