Sunday Morning Random Thoughts

I’ve always loved Sunday Mornings. I sometimes find myself sleeping a little later than the rest of the week. I make my ‘fancy’ coffee – I add ground cinnamon, ground ginger and freshly ground nutmeg to the coffee grounds. And I just take life easy. Today the house is exceptionally quiet as the kiddo is over at her Grandma and Aunty’s house and my Mom is at work. Mom retired last year (May 19th, 2014) but found herself bored so she acquired a job and works there 3 – 4 days a week for a couple of hours a day.

Ok…back to me and random thought #1. There are a few chores that I should get done today and I will work on them…eventually. Next weekend the neighborhood that I live in is having a rummage sale. Since we are moving in a short two years or so I want to get rid of stuff as soon as possible. This, however, means that I need to get all those items into one area, dust them off – if need be, price them, and then make sure I didn’t miss anything. Sounds easy, eh? No…not so much. I live in the house that my grandparents built in 1940. We still have some of the items that they had as well as stuff that has been acquired in the 71 years this house has been occupied. By no means are we hoarders or pack rats, we just have a lot of totes and bins full of stuff.

Random thought #2: I need to do some much needed research on the next step of my journey. I know what I want to do, but am unsure of the best ways of obtaining that goal. So, I’ll be searching the interwebs for information and hopefully gleaning some much needed guidance.

Random thought #3: Do I buy a new bed or just get a futon mattress that I can roll up? I do enjoy the idea of rolling up the mattress and having extra space but in reality, the mattress may just continue to lay on the floor. Also, what about when we move? If the cost is stupid to bring stuff with us, compared to just buying everything there, we’ll be leaving everything here.

Random thought #4: I grilled dinner last night…it was glorious. I don’t think I’ll use the stove until the cold crappy weather sets in. If the weather is rainy, we have umbrellas.

Random thought #5 – and the last thought of the morning: Tomorrow is Memorial Day (I live the USA). I don’t like violence or wars, never did, never will. I earned a BA in History so I know that war is a constant in our world – it will never go away. I wish it would. But that’s a Utopian ideology and one that’s never going to happen. With that said, I am grateful and deeply saddened by all those men, women, boys, and girls, who gave their lives to protect the freedom of their country.

7 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Random Thoughts

  1. Hello there! Couldn’t help but chime in. Moving to Japan is definitely no easy feat. Have you lived here before and do you plan on living in Japan permanently? I currently live in Kanagawa and have been here for roughly 10 years now…and let’s just say…I’m still getting the hang of things. 🙂 Generally speaking the living space is a lot smaller by American standards. I would recommend buying your sleeping furniture once you get here. American beds take up an insane amount of space in small Japanese rooms and washing comforters is not fun. The cheapest route would be the futon, and there are some inexpensive bed sets sold at certain furniture stores like for example, Nitori. Getting rid of stuff now is the smartest thing to do though because storage/closest space is very hard to come by unless you can afford a more modern-style apartment/house. It really just depends on your location and proximity to a train station (two main things that will determine rent price point).

    Hope that helps you out a bit! If you ever have any questions, feel free to ask. 🙂


    1. Hi Renee,

      We haven’t lived in Japan but have visited twice for two and three weeks respectively. I have a few friends there now and one that had lived there previously. Our plan is to sell our house and buy a one previous to us moving there. The furniture that we are contemplating taking with us aren’t big at all – my daughters futon, her drawing table, my grandparents hutch and bedroom set, and the two cat perches for our five cats. The three of us (myself, my Mom, and my daughter) don’t need much space at all. My daughter will be in University, and both myself and my Mom plan on working so we won’t be home a whole lot at the same time LOL. My daughter wants to live in/close to Tokyo. Personally, I don’t care as long as it’s relatively close to a train station.

      Thank you so much for your input. All the words of wisdom really help to make the move more exciting and feel real.


  2. I never dreamed my daughter would be so into art, let alone as talented as she is. She’s sold her art at four anime/comic conventions (some more successful than others) and has three commissions that she needs to finish as soon as her finals are over (she’s 16 years old.) I do have the quarantine form(s) bookmarked and keep checking to make sure nothing changes. We spoke with some representatives from Japan Airlines who told us to take the cats on the plane with us and not put them in cargo. I’m sure we’d have to buy seat tickets for them but we can’t leave them here. I love Tokyo and probably wouldn’t mind living there but I’m thinking it’s going to be too pricey. What areas are decent to live in and are close-ish to Tokyo?…if you don’t mind me asking. I’m only familiar with Tokyo herself. We’ve been to Kyoto a few times but never got the chance to really explore there or anywhere else.

  3. A lot of people who work in Tokyo actually don’t even live in Tokyo for that very reason. Areas that are decent to live in, that’s a tough question because I’m not overly familiar with close places. What I’ve learned from these years that my husband has been working in Tokyo is the train LINE is very important. In addition to the train station, it would be wise to also consider the train lines available in that particular station. If you’ll be commuting primarily by train and don’t want the hassle of having to switch so many times during your trip, then getting to know train lines would be a good idea too.

    We used this site before to hunt for an apartment and take a quick look around areas: It’ll help you get a general idea of price points. Each apartment listing typically lists the train station line closest to it (if it doesn’t it will say how many minutes to a bus stop). You can use Google to translate the website ( so you can browse in English or use Chrome and I think it can automatically translate into English as you go. 🙂

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