Slippery slope of time

Somehow days turn into weeks and I find myself breaking the promise of blogging every day….or at least every other day. Sure, it’s a promise to myself but those are the most important ones to keep. I won’t dwell on my mistake but let it go and focus on making it a priority from now on.

Lately I’ve been busy with the more mundane facets of life – cleaning, laundry, helping the kiddo with school (she has one week left and that’s for final exams), and trying to get the house/yard ready for the big move in two years. I’m trying to sew as much as I can and build up my stock. I’ve taken all the big totes to Sparrow Collective, a gallery in the BayView area of Milwaukee, WI.I need to find more galleries/boutiques to sell my bags at so that I can increase sales and really get my name out. I think this will be the second priority and first big one for the summer.

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