Sunday Morning

I love waking up  either before or during the sunrise. I feel as if I’m more productive. Take this morning for instance.

After feeding the cats I get the coffee pot ready (on weekends it’s what I like to call “fancy coffee”. I mix in cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and freshly ground nutmeg into the grounds.) As I was getting the coffee ready this morning I realized that I neglected to go grocery shopping last night. Not an issue unless I’m out of milk….and we were. So, I decided to run to the grocery store.

Forty minutes and $67 later, I’m home with milk and a plethora of other food stuffs. I should not go shopping when I’m either hungry or had just woken up. But now we have more food in the house and I can grill out today…after I buy charcoal.

So now, it’s well past that 40 minute time and I’ve had my breakfast, drank my coffee, completed a short Japanese lesson, and have given the kiddo some art advice.

Today’s agenda includes more yard work, more laundry, more cleaning, and grilling out…oh and walking up to the gas station to buy a lottery ticket (we would love to move sooner than later.) So, with all that said, it now looks like rain outside so maybe I should start the laundry and cleaning.

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