Changes are a comin’

I can’t say everything that’s happening but I will say that if all goes the way I’d love them too, my life will be more awesome than it is already.

At the moment, we are getting ready for ACen, short for Anime Central an anime convention in Chicago, IL USA. This is the first BIG convention that the kiddo will be selling her artwork at. She’s a bit nervous, and I’m a bit broke because of it but I wouldn’t trade this opportunity for the world.

I’ve been revamping my website which is a bit of a process. I’m not as saavy as I’d like to be when it comes to things like this. I have most of the pages done but still need to take better pictures of my bags. Then I get to try and figure out how to link them all together. I may end up ‘convincing’ one of my friends to help out with that.

And….now I’m running a bit late. Aine (the kiddo) has an appointment to meet up with a client for a commission that she drew in about an hour and I’m still in my pjs sipping my ‘fancy’ coffee (I mix cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and nutmeg in with the grounds…it’s pretty good and a perfect way to start out my weekend.)

I promise to try and blog more…for anyone that reads my blog. (I hope to start getting more readers…that’s one goal!)

Jaa mata ne

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