Adventures in the land of moving ridiculously heavy furniture

I’ve decided to move my sewing area back into my old bedroom from the basement. Most of the items that need moving are fairly manageable – sewing machines, ironing board, small bookcase…etc. However, I also needed to move the behemoth monstrosity that is my sewing table…and I only had my 16 year old artist daughter to help me.

The beast is on wheels so I knew it wouldn’t be bad getting it across the floors – basement, first, and second. However, the two flights of stairs, however, were going to be a challenge. We managed to get the table wedged on the way up the first two steps out of the basement (both sets of stairs make a slight curve from bottom going up) and on every single stair….every.single.stair.

And we broke one of the wheels off.

And the glass door on the front.

However, neither of us bled, so I guess it was a win.

Today, I try to re-attach the wheels…try.

Also, my daughter likes to swear….especially when hangry.



Yesterday my daughter and I decided we needed to start exercising again. We’ve tried to stay active but with her school work and getting ready for ACen (an anime convention where she sold her artwork at) we sort of became lazy. I didn’t want to throw ourselves into the Insanity workouts right off the bat and then get burned-out. Instead we opted for a series of 9 exercises starting with jumping jacks and ending with a timed plank. We did pretty good…which means I sort of hurt today.

Sometime before lunch we vow to do it again…and every day until it becomes too easy then it’s on to Insanity.

Trying to get stuff done when one live with 5 needy cats…

I live with 5 rescued cats. They are all awesome and loveable, and very needed…at times when I need to get this done. Take for instance, early this morning. My daughter and I decided that we really need to start exercising again. After our walk in the morning with my Mom and the kiddo completed her Gothic Literature final exam (she ‘attends’ a virtual school) we ventured down to the basement to complete a nice little work-out. We decided to start ‘small’ and work our way back into the Insanity Work outs because those are hellish.

I won’t bore you all with the details of the work out because they are boring and we couldn’t do as much as I thought we’d be able to. Not only because we are out of shape but because our cats love us…when we’re trying to do something….like push-ups or planks. Don’t get me wrong, I love snuggling with my cats….just not when I’m dripping with sweat and trying to not collapse while in the midst of a plank.

I also have my own business. I sew bags – totes, handbags, wallets….that sort of thing. I try to get down to my sewing area (also in the basement) when my cats are asleep. I can usually be alone sewing/cutting material for maybe a half hour before this happens….

Reya on sewing

This was yesterday. Reya was helping me examine the material to make sure it was worthy…or something like that.

So with that said…the house is quiet…I should try and get some sewing done now….

Moving right along

I missed blogging yesterday because I worked my on-call job. I like that job a lot and wish it were more than on-call.

It’s a bit later than normal when I blog so my thoughts aren’t as random. However, I have a ton of stuff to get done today – the boring domestic stuff….laundry, straightening up my room, etc….as well as the fun stuff…more research for the new chapter of my life (details will be posted as soon as it’s closer to feeling more real for me), sewing, and getting things ready for the upcoming rummage sale.

I don’t really have much to blog about today. I don’t know why. My brain isn’t tired, thanks be to coffee. Maybe it’s because it’s so late and I’m pre-occupied with the chores that I need to get finished before tonight.

I guess, if I have something ground-breaking to write about, I’ll update later.

Sunday Morning Random Thoughts

I’ve always loved Sunday Mornings. I sometimes find myself sleeping a little later than the rest of the week. I make my ‘fancy’ coffee – I add ground cinnamon, ground ginger and freshly ground nutmeg to the coffee grounds. And I just take life easy. Today the house is exceptionally quiet as the kiddo is over at her Grandma and Aunty’s house and my Mom is at work. Mom retired last year (May 19th, 2014) but found herself bored so she acquired a job and works there 3 – 4 days a week for a couple of hours a day.

Ok…back to me and random thought #1. There are a few chores that I should get done today and I will work on them…eventually. Next weekend the neighborhood that I live in is having a rummage sale. Since we are moving in a short two years or so I want to get rid of stuff as soon as possible. This, however, means that I need to get all those items into one area, dust them off – if need be, price them, and then make sure I didn’t miss anything. Sounds easy, eh? No…not so much. I live in the house that my grandparents built in 1940. We still have some of the items that they had as well as stuff that has been acquired in the 71 years this house has been occupied. By no means are we hoarders or pack rats, we just have a lot of totes and bins full of stuff.

Random thought #2: I need to do some much needed research on the next step of my journey. I know what I want to do, but am unsure of the best ways of obtaining that goal. So, I’ll be searching the interwebs for information and hopefully gleaning some much needed guidance.

Random thought #3: Do I buy a new bed or just get a futon mattress that I can roll up? I do enjoy the idea of rolling up the mattress and having extra space but in reality, the mattress may just continue to lay on the floor. Also, what about when we move? If the cost is stupid to bring stuff with us, compared to just buying everything there, we’ll be leaving everything here.

Random thought #4: I grilled dinner last night…it was glorious. I don’t think I’ll use the stove until the cold crappy weather sets in. If the weather is rainy, we have umbrellas.

Random thought #5 – and the last thought of the morning: Tomorrow is Memorial Day (I live the USA). I don’t like violence or wars, never did, never will. I earned a BA in History so I know that war is a constant in our world – it will never go away. I wish it would. But that’s a Utopian ideology and one that’s never going to happen. With that said, I am grateful and deeply saddened by all those men, women, boys, and girls, who gave their lives to protect the freedom of their country.

Next Chapter

I seem to have been at a cross-roads for a little while now. I devoted myself to my business and designing/creating new bags however, that doesn’t really pay the bills. I worked a few jobs but those have been scarce and not fulfilling. I’ve been on countless interviews but very few of them have been seen through to success….in other words I didn’t get the jobs. I do have one job, which I really like, but I only work when they need me.

So, I turned to a friend to have a little insight thrown onto my situation. We talked for hours about everything. She probed into what my passions were – teaching and being creative – and asked why I’m not teaching. Aside from not having my teaching certificate or finishing up my Master’s Degree, I have no excuse to not be tutoring. My friend feels very strongly that I need to be teaching…that’s it’s my calling. I’ve been thinking on this since we talked and the more I think about it, the more it just makes sense. I love helping people. I love watching people ‘get it’ when I’m explaining something to them. I help my daughter with her school lessons every day (with the exception of math) so why shouldn’t I help others learn the language that I grew up with.

This leaves me with…’where do I go? how do I start?’ I know that I’m going to get my teaching certificate but first I need the money to do so – most teaching certificate classes cost around $1,000. I’ve researched some tutoring websites but am always lacking in what to write about myself…I really suck at that. Maybe I’ll ‘bribe’ one of my friends to help me with that part.

So, with all this said, it’s time for me to start the next chapter in my life. I’m excited about the future holds and all the new experiences that are waiting out there for me. And I’ll be blogging about each and every one of them 🙂

Slippery slope of time

Somehow days turn into weeks and I find myself breaking the promise of blogging every day….or at least every other day. Sure, it’s a promise to myself but those are the most important ones to keep. I won’t dwell on my mistake but let it go and focus on making it a priority from now on.

Lately I’ve been busy with the more mundane facets of life – cleaning, laundry, helping the kiddo with school (she has one week left and that’s for final exams), and trying to get the house/yard ready for the big move in two years. I’m trying to sew as much as I can and build up my stock. I’ve taken all the big totes to Sparrow Collective, a gallery in the BayView area of Milwaukee, WI.I need to find more galleries/boutiques to sell my bags at so that I can increase sales and really get my name out. I think this will be the second priority and first big one for the summer.