Oh Baby It’s Cold Outside!

-8F….not going outside at all today. I guess it’s a good day to work on the basement considering in a week I’m having the walls repaired/replaced. Maybe I’ll even get some sewing done….anything to keep me in the house!

And then the snow plows came through….guess I will be venturing out to shovel the corner sidewalk and the driveway approach….thinking warm thoughts, thinking warm thoughts….


What happened to December?

I was all geared up and ready to take on the month of commercialism and festivities. I had a very successful time at the Cream City Creatives Craft Fair and then…..the plague hit me. I had a nice cold sandwich between two slices of flu bread. It sucked. I didn’t get everything done that I had intended. Presents were made at the very last minute…but they got done. Thankfully I was on the mend by the 23rd so that Christmas was not a total loss. On the upside, I did loose a bit of weight….and then promptly put it back on with all the eating that came with the Holidays.

So now it’s back to creating, designing, refining, and sewing for me!