My how time flies

I wish I could say that I’ve been jet setting across the world, or basking in the warm glow of the sun next to my Olympic sized swimming pool. Reality is, however, that daily life took it’s toll on all my free time. Since my last blog, which seems years ago, I’ve successfully gotten into two shows (upcoming), the kiddo has gotten into one show (past – Fantasticon…which certainly lived up to it’s name), my Mom was in and out of the hospital (about a week and a half stay), and all sorts of craziness in-between.

I’ve been sewing everyday to build up enough product for the two shows. One is later this month – November 23. This one is an Alternative Gift Giving Fair with donations and table fees going to help the homeless. The other show is December 6 (a mere 13 days after the first) and is at Turner Hall in Downtown Milwaukee. Fingers crossed that I sell loads of product so that I can keep myself captive in my sewing room.

And….with that said….off I go to finish more sewing….

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