Hey, it’s Tuesday!

As I sit at my kitchen table savoring my coffee and waiting to make breakfast, I’ve been pondering a new blog for Tokyo Bags (my business). I already have a Facebook for the business so would a WordPress blog be too much? I don’t think so! Problem solved. The creation of said blog will have to wait until I’m either done with the commission I’m working on AND making more stock, or I’m done with the days activities and sitting idly watching some random Japanese movie.

With that conundrum out of the way I now need to focus on re-vamping my etsy and aftcra stores. They are sorely lacking in good content and pictures; which also leads to needing more stock. I took a few bags off each site to submit to Sparrow Collective (a small, very awesome gallery in Bay View, WI). My goal is to have my bags/purses/wallets into at least three galleries in the Metro-Milwaukee area by October, a goal I don’t feel is too lofty to accomplish.

So, with that said…the pancakes are not going to cook themselves and there is LOADS of sewing to be done today!

Hope you all have a splendid Tuesday!


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