Japan Day 20 4 10 2014

Well, it’s our last day in Japan (for this vacation). We organized our bags and suitcases and had a light breakfast this morning before we venture out on the town. Our first stop was Starbucks for some caffeine and conversation. We decided that we will be coming back in the winter of 2015 – 2016! I’m excited that we’ll be coming back before Monkey graduates High School. I’m hoping that Monkey will be able to take some entrance exams while we’re here. If not, then we’ll just have to come back again LOL 

We decided that we just wanted to walk around and take it easy today. So, we walked, and walked, and walked, and walked for over three hours straight! When we had enough of the walking we headed back to the hotel. As we were approaching our room, I noticed that the room was being made up…so, back to the outside we headed. Since we were hungry we stopped at Family Mart to pick out some lunch. With fingers crossed we headed back to the hotel, hoping that our room was finished. Thankfully, it was and we sat down to eat and relax.

Three hours later, we decided to go for another walk. This time we headed west and adventured into the residential areas. It was really cool to walk around non-busy streets and to see the houses…not just high-rise apartment complexes. We passed a hidden barber shop, flower shop, and some really cool houses. On our way back to the hotel we went past the fire department. The firemen were in the back of the building holding drills, so of course I took a picture of them. 

We stopped at Lawson’s on the way back and got a light dinner and now we are relaxing watching some anime. The sky has grown dark and the lights of the buildings are shimmering and blinking. Monkey and Mom are both in their beds waiting for me to finish typing so that they can get some sleep.

This trip has given me more inspiration than I’ve ever had before. I know when I get back things aren’t going to be a cake walk, but I know with hard work and determination I will make a successful business. I will be back in Japan for a vacation AND for business…just not on the same trip 🙂

So, with that said I bid you all a good night. I will see some of you tomorrow and others in the days to come!

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