Japan Day 18 4 08 2014

Wow…only three days left! Two days to adventure actually. It’s surreal to think that we’ve been in Japan for almost three weeks already. It seems like yesterday we were setting off for our first day. I’m a little sad that I’m leaving as well as happy to be home….and planning for our next trip! LOL

So…today’s adventure was heading back to Ueno but not for the Zoo…as much as I LOVE the zoo here! Instead, we wanted to see the Nature and Science Museum. Monkey loves dinosaurs and I love History so why not. Boy we were totally not disappointed! Mom LOVED the place!! The Museum is amazing! It houses one of the biggest rock collections that I’ve seen (Katie you would have thought you died and gone to a glittery shiny heaven!) I tried to take pictures of every specimen there but I there were too many. LOL

We strolled through the three floors of the first building (there are two buildings housing the collections on display) looking and learning all about Japanese history and how the islands formed. One of the highlights, for me at least, was the mummy lady. She was found at a site roughly 4o minutes away from the Museum. She died in her 40’s from what they believe was natural causes. Her body was found perfectly preserved in a clay pot buried in a boggy area. How I would have loved to be on that dig!

After we had explored the first building, we headed to where the dinosaurs were. Monkey couldn’t get there fast enough. Again, no disappointment. The displays were amazing and I took even more pictures. There were skeletons from T-Rex’s to Pterodactyls. The dinosaurs were housed in two very large rooms and we took a nice little break after the second room. We were starting to get hungry and tired. We decided to go through the last room – human evolution – and then head on out for lunch.

I have to say, that it was refreshing going through a public Museum that isn’t hung up on the human body. I’ve never been to a Museum in Europe, but the Japanese sure do like to let it all hang out LOL Monkey was a little embarrassed so I didn’t tease her all too much LOL I took a picture of Mom next to a skeleton from what I believe was Lucy – the ‘first’ known humanoid. I then took a picture of Monkey next to a skeleton from what I think was a Japanese ‘Neanderthal’…even though I don’t believe the Neanderthals reached Asian. She wasn’t too thrilled to be standing that close to a statue of a naked man LOL 

As soon as we finished with this room, we headed back to Ikebukuro for lunch. We had told Mom all about the bread buffet and she really wanted to try it out. It was amazingly awesome and totally set my allergies off. The sweet suffering of a gluten/yeast allergy. Monkey had another tonkatsu dish with some sort of mustard/mayo sauce, Mom had the tonkatsu that Monkey had the first time there, and I had a huge meat burger (sans bun) with a cheesey cheesey sauce of goodness!

After we ate we NEEDED to walk around a bit. Monkey had wanted to go into the Sega game place. Besides, Sonic the Hedgehog was hanging around outside! I took some pictures, but  Monkey refused to stand next to him. After I took his picture we went inside. She had never played the claw game and wanted to try it. So she did…and so she lost both times LOL We then went across the street to another game type of place and she spied an Attack on Titan gotcha machine. She got three gotchas and then we headed back to the hotel.

Suffice it to say, we ate so much that as soon as we got back to the hotel we put on jammies. We had all the intentions of watching some tv to relax and let our food…err…bread…settle. Instead, we all passed out…at 6pm!!! 

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