Japan Day 17 4 07 2014

I was up and showered before my alarm was set to go off this morning. I would have had the tea pot going as well, but I had forgotten to fill it before my shower. Mom and Monkey were still snoozing away so I had a relatively quiet morning (it would have been more quiet had either of them not been snoring lol)

Eventually the two of them woke up and we all slowly finished getting ready for the day. We had planned on going to the Nature and Science Museum but it isn’t open on Mondays. Instead Mom wanted to hang out at the hotel and rest up for tomorrow so Monkey and I headed out to explore east Ikebukuro some more. We weren’t out for very long before we decided to head back to the hotel. I was a little tired and my legs were a bit sore. I think we have successfully walked ourselves out! 

Monkey and I met Mom coming out of the room on her way to hang out in the lobby. We decided to stay in the room for a little while and rest up. We re-arranged our suitcases to make sure that we’d have enough room. We actually didn’t buy much but rather just took in the sights and enjoyed ourselves. 

Finally Mom was getting a little stir crazy so we went out on a short-ish walk. We stopped at Family Mart to get some food supplies for the next couple of days and then came back to the hotel. 

Now I’m sitting here typing this and yawning so hard my eyes are watering….and it’s only 6:13pm!!

I think I’ll be heading to bed very soon. 

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