Japan Day 16 4 6 2014

Fantastic Day!!! The weather was a little chilly and at times a little drizzley, but otherwise perfect. 

We started the day by having brunch buffet at the hotel. It’s the one real “treat” that we have here. It’s nice to just sit and eat and eat and eat at a very leisurely pace. I had more bacon and coffee than I’ve had in a very long time! After we finished eating we needed to walk. We started off by exploring north of the hotel. There’s a fountain square (that’s actually more round) about two blocks away. A small outdoor market was being set up and we checked it out. Then we ventured further north..and found the seedy area LOL. By seedy, I don’t mean south side of Chicago seedy but rather where all the drinking clubs and possible pedestrian/auto mishaps occur. We promptly turned left and got out of the area. We weren’t worried that anything would happen, I just didn’t want to come across anything that I wouldn’t be able to erase from my memory LOL

We found a few cute stores before we headed back to the hotel – most of the stores weren’t open yet. While we were waiting for Mom to get back down from the room – she had stopped up to change here shirt – I asked the concierge about the Yoyogi open are flea market. She verified that it happens on Sunday’s and it’s in one of the parks. We headed to the train station and set out for Yoyogi. Little did I know that there were three large parks in Yoyogi…so suffice it to say, we did not find the market. Instead we wandered around the city and stumbled upon the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. The entry fee was only 2 yen ($2) each we went in! The park is gorgeous! I am so happy that we found the park. The Green House had a HUGE selection of orchids, some of which I had never seen before. 

After we walked for about three hours, we decided to head back. Monkey had spied a bookstore that she wanted to check out so we stopped there before going straight to the train station. We didn’t realize that the bookstore was Kinokunya – the same store that’s in Mitsuwa! Sadly, this branch didn’t have the full amount of awesome as the one in Arlington Heights. Monkey did find a mega-manga magazine book for super cheap. It’s written in easy Japanese so she should be able to translate it.

Eventually we got back to the train station and headed straight for Starbucks (I owed Mom). One of the employees cleared a spot for us (again, it’s great to travel with a ‘disabled’ person….Mom and her walker) and we sat for a little bit. Mom was a little tired so she headed back to the hotel while Monkey and I looked around for shoes. No shoes were found, but I did get my Cotton Time magazine and new cd by Salyu (she has a fantastic voice.)

Back to the hotel we went to get Mom and go out for another walk. This time we headed for OICity. This store is sort of like Target meets Walgreens meets Macy’s….it’s…..weird…yet wonderful. The had a sale on fancy tights so we bought some…Monkey was over-joyed LOL

No shoes were to be found so we decided that it was time to go back to the hotel. On the way back we passed a Starbucks and went in to see if they had the coveted Vanilla Lemon Frappacino as every other bloody Starbucks in the Metro-Tokyo area was out. Low and behold, they had it!! I had promised Monkey that if they had it, she could get one….Mom wanted one too. 

Finally, we’re back in the hotel room and tired! Tomorrow is Namja Town tomorrow and more exploring of East Ikebukuro!


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