Japan Day 15 4 05 2014

Well, it’s Saturday here in Japan and we decided that it would be a great idea to just relax and walk around the Imperial Palace grounds and see the East Gardens. It’s Sakura season and the cherry blossoms are in full bloom here in Tokyo, so I was hoping to get some good pictures as well as exercise.

Apparently everyone in the entire nation of Japan also thought it was a great idea to visit the Imperial Palace today. Getting to Tokyo was a breeze (read: no booger snackers sighted) and finding the Palace grounds was just as easy….all we had to do was follow the million other people that were heading towards said destination.

We walked like sardines, being pushed and stepped on – the people in Tokyo/Japan are very passionate about seeing the cherry blossoms in bloom at the Palace and will stop at nothing to get there….first. However, as soon as we stepped foot onto the Palace grounds, we were ushered down a path…around everyone that had pushed, stepped on, and cut in front of us. It’s good to be with a ‘disabled’ walker! So, instead of standing in line for a hellish amount of time, we strolled past the masses, stopped and took a few very good pictures, and were escorted to the area bag check area….right in front of the gates! 

The grounds of the Palace are spectacular. I took so many pictures. Everyone was in a great mood as soon as we were inside. There were so many secret police around as well…the Emperor, Empress, and the entire family had returned last night. I missed the two police officers with swords…Monkey and Mom saw them, but they never told me. The other officers/secret service folks weren’t armed but there presence was EVERY WHERE…it was kind of cool!

Before we knew it we were leaving the grounds and back onto a busy downtown Tokyo street….and I had no idea which way the Tokyo station was….so, we just turned right and kept walking LOL When in doubt, follow the masses….right? Apparently, after about two to three miles, it panned out and we were two blocks from the station.

Monkey was hungry but the station was packed. We decided to head back to Ikebukuro and eat at one of the restaurants in Tobu. We picked a great tempura place. I couldn’t even finish my meal it was HUGE! I had the pork with egg over rice, Mom had fish and shrimp, and Monkey had pork with cheese ,  pork with something green and shrimp. We all had soup with tiny mussels in it…which was kind of creepy and noisy, shredded cabbage, and pickled daikon. Lunch/dinner was amazing and I’m still full.

After we ate we decided to do some more shopping in Seibu.   bought more handles, a cd for Monkey, some supplies and stuff. Mom went back to the hotel half way through our shopping excursion (which I didn’t spend as much money as I thought I would). Monkey and I stopped at Tobu for a little sakura and strawberry cake to eat with Mom in the hotel room. It was so cute and delicious.

Now we’re hanging out and relaxing in the hotel. Soon it will be bed time. Tomorrow is another whatever day as weekends are BUSY! 

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