Japan Day 14 4 4 2014

Before I even begin today’s blog I need to say something.

I don’t care what country you live in. I don’t care how old/young you are. I don’t care how cute/hot/adorable/handsome you are. It is not, I repeat NOT acceptable to pick your nose and eat it….REPEATEDLY It’s gross…..highly gross….universally huge gross. Any cute factor is immediately cancelled out. Just.gross.


Today was Monkey and my day to explore while Mom hung around the hotel room. She wanted to rest her knee and just laze around. So Monkey and I left the hotel around 9:30am and set off for Nippori…Fabric Town. While we were on the train a female, probably in her mid-20’s sat down next to Aine and proceeded to snack on her boogers….I wanted to bath myself in Purelle…I was thoroughly disgusted and if I had any food in me, I would have vomited all.over.her…… The Nippori stop could not have come fast enough (and it’s a mere 13 minutes from Ikebukuro.

Once we were off the train and out of the station I felt a little better….I’m still grossed out but yeah….

We were a bit early for most stores since most don’t open until 10am. We waited for maybe 10 minutes for one of the Tomato stores to open. There wasn’t anything in that one that caught my eye, so we went next door to …. Tomato. (Some off the stores have multiple locations, some right next door.) I bought some more bag handles and other accessory type of things while Monkey found some remnant squares that she can use for her crafting stuff.

Next we attempted to find a store that sells only Kimono fabric. We couldn’t find the store and I didn’t want to venture too far away from the main street, so we headed back. Because I had found some really good deals and fantastic fabric at Tsukiysu Hiroshi Shouten, Monkey and I decided to go there. $230 later, I have enough fabric to keep me busy for about a month! I would love to be able to buy from them all year long, but I don’t think I can afford to come here more than once a year or two LOL

Monkey and I had to go back to the hotel because the bags were getting a little heavy. At the train gates we found that we didn’t have enough on our Suica cards (they are sort of like gift cards that you can keep putting money on). I tried to figure out the manual machine but no dice so we went to the ticket office. A really nice JR employee (read hot looking JR employee) showed me how to use the machine and soon Monkey and I were on our way back.

We showed Mom what we had gotten and asked her if she wanted to get lunch with us. She declined so Monkey and I headed back out. We were going to eat at Shakey’s Pizza but the line was too long and I kept thinking about the booger snacker….gross!!!! Instead we headed further towards Sunshine City ate at Baqet. I chose a salad with proccuitto (I’m sure I spelled that wrong…deal) and smoked salmon, while Monkey ordered breaded thin pork with a cheese sauce. The waiter asked if we also wanted the bread and we both said yes (gluten be damned today!) When we said ‘yes’, I did not realize that we agreed to the bread buffet….a buffet of maybe around 20 choices of fresh baked rolls, croissants, and soft bread type sticks. Sweet Jesus I was in bread heaven….I will surely be congested tonight but GOD DAMN! those little soft, crusty, buttery lumps of wheat were divine!

After eating I needed to walk…..a lot! And we needed a new suitcase….which I knew when we left Milwaukee. Monkey and I decided to try and find the store where we bought her suitcase on our last visit here. Happily we found it and bought a GREAT suitcase….and it’s black and shiny….and big. The case will be perfect for all the fabrics and stuffs that we got. I still needed/wanted to walk around a little more so we strolled through the mall. Sunshine City mall has a stage in the middle and today we were lucky to witness some Buddhist ritual with little kids. The kids had the cutest and most elaborate outfits. I took some picture before we headed back.

Instead of going straight back to the hotel, we stopped on the bakery floor of Seibu and bought a box of 10 miniature cakes…since Mom didn’t come with us, we thought to treat her. We each chose one and shared it among ourselves. Monkey had two, but they are small cakes.

It’s early here in Japan – not quite 5pm – but i’m really tired and full of bread LOL

Tomorrow we want to head to the Imperial Palace and East Gardens. I also want to find the Moomin cafe, but that may have to wait.

We may just have to stop in Nippori again before we leave….I’m not sure I bought enough handles/zippers/etc. LOL

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