Japan Day 13 4 03 2014

Today was a whatever sort of day. We started off by lazing around the hotel room, slowly getting ready and not leaving for the day’s adventures until after 11am. Before we left the hotel Mom decided that she needed to use the bathroom. Monkey and I waited in the hallway for her…and waited….and waited….and waited….for over five minutes. We were starting to get a little worried when she finally appeared with this look on her face. I couldn’t figure out if she was disgruntled, embarrassed, or what-the-hell. She looked at us and said….

It wouldn’t stop washing my ass.

Every time she went to stand up, the super bidet went off. Mom was worried that her pants would get soaked, so she kept sitting down. She kept pushing the button as she was trying to stand up (her knee was bothering her a little this morning and she needed the extra help standing). Monkey and I couldn’t stop laughing….Mom will NEVER live this one down!!

As we were walking out of the hotel a guy stopped Monkey and I asking where we were from. His English was perfect and he didn’t seem to have any sort of Asian accent. He told us his name was Sky (probably not the correct spelling) and  was from Seattle but originally from Hong Kong. He had taken a job in Seattle but was soon moving to Tokyo to work as an engineer for Honda. He was really nice and it was cool to hold a full conversation with someone LOL

Since there was no real destination for the day (and it was raining pretty hard on and off), we opted to explore the areas of Tobu and Seibu (the two major department stores flanking the Ikebukuro train station) that we never went. I found a few items that I wanted to purchase before we ventured for food. We found a really cute (kawaii) ramen restaurant in Seibu that has some of the best ramen I’ve had….and I got pear jelly too!!!

After we ate we walked around a little more before going back to the hotel room. Monkey needed to work on her school work and I wanted to just relax…with a bath. I came up with more bag ideas while soaking in the tub and drew them once I had gotten out of the tub.

We watched a little tv. There was an eating program on, centering around this one woman who weighs 48kg and could….and did…out eat a professional wrestler. The show is CRAZY!! This woman can not only shovel in the food but seeming unhinge her jaw to cram into her mouth the biggest bites I have ever witnessed people eat! I took pictures of part of the show. In one day she ate 22.7kg of food. I’m really glad that Monkey doesn’t eat like that!!!

And now I get ready for bed. Tomorrow is Nippori and some serious material/accessory shopping!!


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