Japan Day 12 4 2 2014

Why is it when I don’t need to be someone at the butt-crack of dawn I’m up at the butt-crack of dawn and ready to go WAY earlier than I need to? This is exactly what happened today.

We were heading to Harajuku today and the majority of the stores do not open until 11am. We were all up and ready to go by 9am so we said screw it and made our way to the train early and all. We arrived at Harajuku by 10am and were able to wonder around the almost empty streets. There were a few street stores that were open so I was able to buy a cute little black dress for way cheaper than the stores. By the time we were getting hungry for breakfast the crepe stands were open. I chose the hot apple and cheesecake crepe, Monkey got the chocolate ice cream and oreo crepe, and Mom got the peach and frozen yogurt crepe. The were amazingly good just like I remembered them!

After we were done savoring our breakfast delicacies, we headed to Body Line so that Monkey could get her Prom dress as well as new shoes and tights/socks for said occasion. Pictures will be posted soon enough….as soon as FB isn’t a big jerk and lets me update photos.

We walked around the streets and explored new streets that we had never gone down. Pre-crepes we were wandering around the more ‘residential’ areas. It’s neat to see all the cool front entryways….so different than in the US. We even went down some alleyways and can across a emaciated dead rat…yeah, that was cool……

After four hours of walking around we decided to hotel to check out all our goods. We were also a bit hungry so we stopped at Family Mart instead of going straight to the hotel. The food was really good…I got an omlet with rice…which oddly looked and tasted like Spanish rice, Monkey got spaghetti with hot dogs and hard boiled egg, and Mom got a noodle ‘salad’ with grilled chicken and hard boiled egg.

With lunch in our tummies, Monkey and I tried on our new clothes then headed back out to Tokyu Hands for some things that I couldn’t find anywhere else. The one item that they did have wasn’t in the size that I wanted…oh well…there are other places to check out!

Today was a pretty laid back day. We laughed A LOT and had a really good time. Mom did cut her arm on something at Starbucks…oh yeah, we stopped at Starbucks…primarily because I had to pee but also to get some coffee LOL I think her arm will be ok. She re-bandaged it after we got to the hotel and will re-check on it tomorrow night. If it’s still bleeding we’ll have it looked it. I don’t think it’s as bad as it looks since she’s on blood thinners and all.

But I digress…we did laugh A LOT and the pictures are awesome. Tomorrow’s activities all depend on the weather. If it’s nice then we’ll be heading to Meji Shrine’s gardens. If it’s raining then wee hang at the hotel and relax. Either way it’s a win.


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