Japan Day 9 3 30 2014

Today was a do whatever day. We all slept in, which for us means waking up at 8am. We lazed around the hotel room and didn’t venture out until almost 11am. Monkey and I wanted to get our nails done so we stopped at the front desk to ask where a good nail salon was. I didn’t realize that Ikebukuro had like a million nail salons. However, all of them were busy for the day so we never actually got our nails done. Instead we headed to just walk around. We had brought our umbrellas because it was raining out a little….or so we thought. As soon as we walked out from under the cover of the hotel’s awning the wind picked up as did the rain. Since Tobu was right across the street we headed over there. We had made it successfully across the street (I should say at this point that Monkey had an umbrella for herself and I had one for Mom and I) and were making our way up the stairs when the wind picked up…the wind picked up the water from the fountain and aimed it right at Mom. Needless to say the right side of her was a tad bit wet. Thankfully the stores kept there thermostats at around 90 F so Mom dried off pretty fast.

We walked around looking for a rouge nail salon that wasn’t busy but didn’t find any. Instead we found a few good book stores and a cd/movie store before heading back to the hotel for lunch. We were thinking about going to the buffet that the hotel offers but opted on eating in the room. Monkey and I ventured back out to get some good foods and brought them back to the hotel. 

After we ate Monkey and I went to the nail salon in the hotel to see if we could make an appointment for later in the week, but of course they were booked. Instead of getting our nails done…which was my primary goal for the day, Monkey got her hair cut short. Now she totally blends in with all the other girls her age. I have make sure I remember what she’s wearing for the day or I’ll totally loose her.

After the hair cut, the three of us went out for a walk in East Ikebukuro. We went into a store called Labi which is the equivalent of an 8m  floor Best Buy….only much cooler. We bought a cooling pad for the lap top and checked out the PSPs, PSVitas, and Lenovo mini pads…which I’m totally getting…just maybe not here…even though they are super cheap.

And that gets us to now. I’m sitting here watching more Japanese tv and getting ready to pass out. 

More Kyoto tomorrow!!!

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