Japan Day 8 3 29 2014

I tried to sleep in but forgot to turn off my alarm…so much for that. Since I was up so early – 6am – I decided to start getting ready for the day as we were heading back to Kyoto. We were all moving a little slow this morning but didn’t have to get to Kyoto as early as the previous days. Eventually we made our way to Tokyo station and onto the Shineksan to Kyoto. 

The sun was out which promised a good viewing of Mount Fuji. I almost missed the mountain…errr…volcano….as I was busy looking over the map of Kyoto and trying to plot our course of adventuring. Holy Cow is that mountain amazing! I think I took at least 15 pictures! LOL The area is really breathe-taking especially with Mt Fuji in the background.

Kyoto didn’t disappoint either. The sun stayed out which brought the temps up to around 70 D with a nice light cool breeze. We wanted to see the Imperial Palace but didn’t want to take a cab there so we adventured onto the subway…not my ideal way of travel, but I tried it. The stop was at the west end of the Palace grounds so I thought we wouldn’t have to walk very far….yeah….right. One big difference between Tokyo and Kyoto (besides rearranging the letters of Tokyo to make Kyoto) is the length of the blocks. Tokyo blocks are so damn tiny! Kyoto blocks, however, go on for about a mile and a half. Actually the distance from the station to the grounds wasn’t far…it was the distance along the grounds that was a killer. And o course we were 15 minutes late for the tour so we couldn’t go into the palace. (We’re going back so I’ll be sure to get tickets!!!)

Since we couldn’t go into the Palace, we decided to check out the gift shop (Monkey got an ice cream) and then head to the Kyoto International Manga Museum. This walk was a complete killer and Mom needed a few breaks along the way. We finally got there with about two hours to spare. The Museum was smaller than I had thought but was really awesome. There were artists working on a few pictures and an area to draw a picture…guess where we stopped for about a half hour LOL.

The majority of the Museum is devoted to manga from around the world….thus the name International Manga Museum….and there are only a handful of displays. While we were checking one display on the building that houses the Museum, a very nice older Japanese woman came over and struck up a conversation. We chatted for a bit and Monkey showed her some of her pictures. The woman was really impressed and told Monkey that she definitely has a talent and can’t wait to see her works on display at the Museum. That really struck a note with Monkey that will last for a very long time…if not forever.

After we were done checking out the displays we stopped at the gift shop very briefly before hailing a cab to take us back to the train station. The cab driver was AWESOME and took us through the back streets. The blending of the old buildings jutting up next to mega-modern buildings is so interesting and works so well! It’s like an architectural symphony. The cab ride back to the station was far too quick…I could have driven those back roads all day long!

We each grabbed a sandwich before getting our train and before we knew it, we were on our way back to Ikebukuro via Tokyo.

Now I’m in the comforts of our hotel room, writing this and getting ready to pass out. Tomorrow is a lazy day and we’ll decide what to do on the spur of the moment….as long as I get my nails done and maybe a massage LOL 

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