Japan Day 7 3 28 20104

Because of the two days we spent going back and forth to Kyoto, Mom refused to go on another long ass train ride, which meant that we needed to stick around Tokyo. I looked up the address to the fabric store, Tomato, and found that it was located in Nippori – which is closer than Tokyo on the Yamanote train line.

We slept in a bit and took our times getting ready this morning since we didn’t have to be anywhere at the butt crack of dawn. We got the train right away and off we went to explore Nippori. To our enjoyment, the city isn’t as busy as Tokyo, even though it’s less than a 10 minute train ride from Tokyo station.

We found the store after about a 10 minute walk. I’m sure it would have taken less time if it wasn’t for us looking at all the awesome stores…almost every one was filled with fabrics. Little did I know that we were venturing into Tokyo’s Fabric Street! Tomato is a big store..actually it’s one big store and about two smaller stores at different locations on the same street. The store was so busy and cramped that Mom couldn’t make her way around the store. I felt bad so Monkey and I made our purchases some bag handles and other things and made our way out. The weather was absolutely beautiful so we didn’t rush from one store to another. I found another awesome fabric store and bought four styles for bags…I’m not sure if I want to use the fabric for the outside or the lining of the bags…and Monkey picked out a fabric that she liked for a skirt. Mom was happy to hang out outside the stores and soak in the sun.

Monkey and I decided that we would come back to Nippori before we left so that I could really hunt for more fabrics….and probably another suitcase LOL

On our way back to the train station, we stopped in a clothes store. I was running out of clean short sleeved shirts to wear….the weather has been around 50 – 70 degrees. The store was great! We got two shirts, three pairs of shorts, two pairs of pants, Monkey  got jammies, and Mom got two new shirts. Satisfied with our haul, we made our way back to Ikebukuro (besides, about four hours had gone by!). We were pretty hungry and Monkey wanted ramen…still…so we went to the eighth floor of Lumiere – the department store that’s connected to our beloved Tobu. 

Monkey picked out a fabulous restaurant and chose…udon. Again, so much for ramen. I had some kind of udon soup and Mom had soba. The bowls that the soup was in were bigger than my head….and CHEAP!!! The food was also amazing and again we couldn’t finish everything. 

The clothes were begging to be tried on so back to the hotel room we went. Some of the clothes fit really well, some will need a bit of tailoring…damn the Japanese and their tiny women arms, and some will be sold on-line LOL Now….before I talk any more about the clothes, I need to clarify something. The last time we were here, a little over a year ago, the females, for the most part, resembled the waif like pixies that most people picture the Japanese women to look like. Something happened in the time that we were gone. I’m not saying this as being mean or picking on anyone, but I think the Japanese have taken a liking to McDonald’s and all things that…well….pack on the pounds. Yes, there still the pixy like females, but woah…are there some bigger girls around now! Which leads me to say that the clothes that don’t fit aren’t because we’re American…it’s just that they are a smaller size and we didn’t want to try them on.

Ok…that out of the way and back to the adventure. 

We had more energy once we rested, so we headed out to Animate. Monkey wanted to see if they had a couple of animes and cd’s that she’s been looking for and Mom wanted to hang out in the park and people watch while Monkey and I scoured the floors of Animate. The animes and cd’s were not meant to be bought (because Animate did not have them) but did we came away with a few things before running into Mom and then heading to Tower Records. It must not have been our day to buy anything electronic since Tower Records didn’t have the Blue Ray that I was looking to buy – Kamijo Symphony of the Vampire….le sigh.

Back to the hotel we went to hang out and relax. 

And this brings me up to date on the blogging. I wish I could write down everything that I see, hear, smell, taste, etc. for you all the experience as well. 

(Tomorrow is back to Kyoto….which will be a surprise to Mom…HA

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