Japan Day 6 3 27 2014

OMG did we have to wake up early. We needed to be up and getting around at 4am, so of course I was up by 3:30am. Monkey reluctantly woke up when I needed her to, Mom was up right after I was done with my shower. Luckily we made it to Ikebukuro train station just before I had wanted to get there. Unluckily, we couldn’t catch an earlier train to Kyoto once we arrived at the Tokyo station. At least we had a bit of time to use the bathroom before the train showed up. Because of how cold it was yesterday we dressed warmer and we were ready for another awesome day of crafts and exploring…once we survived the train ride and arrived in Kyoto.

The weather in Kyoto was just as chilly as yesterday with a bit more of a  breeze but at least there wasn’t any rain..probably because I brought an umbrella.  After hailing a taxi, we made it to the Handicraft Center with a few minutes to spare. This time the taxi driver took us a different way and showed us some really awesome temples/shrines. I can’t wait to go back on either Sunday or Monday. Today’s crafts were both enameling…one was more free form the other was more formed. We had a choice of three forms for the first enameling project. Monkey chose an oval, Mom chose a heart, and I took a fish. We could make whatever designs we wished on that one, so of course we were finished fairly early. The second project was a bit more tricky since the shape was already stamped and we had to fill in the recesses. The form was an owl and we could ‘color’ it however we wanted. O course that took us about three times longer to finish. The results were amazing – on both projects and we were able to take them with us. Our teacher was really nice, not the same woman as yesterday but just as awesome. We talked to her a lot and was able to learn a little more about Kyoto.

Once we were done with the crafts and the talking, we decided to walk to the Imperial Palace. The walk seemed longer than what it really was because it was so cold and breezy. We made it to the Palace grounds, sat down for a bit, shared an apricot jam sandwich, and promptly hailed another cab. Monkey wanted ramen and our teacher had told us of “Ramen Street”, an entire floor of the department store connected to the Kyoto train station, so we decided to head there. There were so many restaurants to choose from that Monkey opted for a pasta restaurant….so much for ramen. I can’t complain, though. I chose pasta with meat sauce, bacon, and Yuba; Monkey had cream sauce with shrimp and avocado, and Mom had cream sauce with shrimp and crab. The food was AMAZING and none of us were able to finish. I also had a match latte which was so effen good!!

Once we were done we decided to walk around the department store for a little bit. After a short walk, Mom’s knee started bothering her so we decided it was a good time to head back to Ikebukuro. The train ride was pretty much the same except I stayed awake for the entire ride back. I used the time to draw up some new bag designs and take pictures of Mom and Monkey sleeping…they had the seats behind me.

I woke them up two stops before Tokyo station so at least they wouldn’t be too crabby. My plan worked and we were all in good spirits on the way back to the hotel. We were all so full from the awesome food, that none of us wanted to eat when we got back. We were, however, exhausted so after I wrote the post yesterday, I promptly fell asleep. Mom and Monkey had fallen asleep about an hour before me.

It was another amazing day. I can’t wait to get back to Kyoto and finish exploring that awesome city!

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