Day 3 Japan 3 24 2014

Before I begin with the adventures of the day, I forgot one little HILARIOUS detail from yesterday. We were on our way back to the hotel from Tobu when we spied an older woman walking towards us. As soon as we were close enough she stopped us and started a conversation. Her English was pretty good and we talked for about 10 minutes. I used the little Japanese that I knew and she said it all made sense (score!!!) and that I sounded good. She told us she was 75 years young and was had bad knees too….so she sort o bonded with Mom. The HYSTERICAL part was when she started nudging Mom in the side of her boobs and saying how big her boobs were. Monkey and I were laughing so hard. The woman was so nice though so we could reprimand her….LOL

So, for today….I started the day waking up 5 minutes before the alarm was set to go off, which is typical. After all the boring morning routines were out of the way, we finally left the hotel around 10am and made our way to Harajuku. The train was of course packed but whatever we dealt with it…for the whole 15 minutes it takes to get there. The Harajuku train station was eerily quiet and we were able to navigate our way to the gates in no time. 

Since we arrived in Harajuku earlier than the crepe stand opened and Monkey was of course “famished”, we stopped at Noa cafe for some good eats. Monkey got the Chocolate Honey Toast with a mocha latte, I got the Blueberry waffles with a regular latte, and Mom got a waffle. The food was fantastic as were the drinks. As we were sitting there, another customer was busy making balloon shapes. He made a really cute little Toy Story alien guy for the waiter. When he was done with that one, he started making this really cute heart with a blue and a pink dog on it. Then he made two flower bracelets, one pink petals with a yellow middle, one yellow petals with a pink middle. He then proceeded to get up, walk over to our table and give them to us….because he liked my smile…and he didn’t want any money for them! What a spectacular way to start our Takeshita Dori experience!

Of course we shopped and bought some things from our favorite stores…Body Line, Ta Ken Oko (or as I like to refer to it…the Man/Woman store), Putomayo. We now have a few more favorite stores, but I don’t remember the names at the moment. LOL Once we satisfied ourselves with Takashita Dori, and Harajuku St. we ventured off down another main road…that I don’t know the name of. This street had the uber high end stores, including a BMW store with a Carbon Electric hybrid showcased. The man in the store invited me in. I told him that I live in America and that the cost to ship the car would far outweigh the benefits. He laughed and told me to talk a picture of the car instead LOL.

The street that we were on was fairly boring so we headed off down a side road that looked promising. We wandered around looking into more interesting stores and watching some people go about there day. Both Mom and Monkey were a little tired so we sat down for bit. As were sitting there a fashionable guy with an entourage and a gaggle of photographers, mic guy, and camera guy walked past to stop about 20 feet from where we were sitting. Since I was taking pictures already, I covertly snapped one of said fancy man….looking straight at me!!! I have no bloody idea who the guy is, but I felt pretty cool LOL

And, then we were off to our next adventure….back to Takashita Dori. This time we went through the area by Togo Shrine to get some peace and quiet. The pond was was so quiet and the koi were happily swimming around eating up leaves and twigs and spitting them back out. There were two rocks that turtles were resting on…..and one big as my damn head WASP!!!!! I have never felt so threatened in all my life! Of course, the little bugger probably had no idea I was there…but still…I saw it….and then I kept feeling the ‘OMG IT’S LANDING ON ME’ feeling until we were out of the Shrine area. 

The reason we HAD to go back to Takeshita Dori, instead of head back to the hotel – roughly four hours had passed by this time – is because Monkey failed to show me a blouse at Body Line. The blouse was indeed cute and super cheap so….I think you all can figure out the outcome. 

Finally we were on the way back to the train. Well, nothing can be easily done when in Harajuku….on our way back we were ambushed by a monk. Yes, a Monk…..he came up to me and started talking and before I knew it, I had a prayer bracelet as well as a nifty little gold card (Monkey got one too), and the Monk got 1000 Yen ($10), he wanted more but I said…to the extent of ‘oh hell no’…it was more like…we have to eat today!!! So, I was $10 out, but the experience was well worth it. 

Finally we made our way back to Ikebukuro. Lunch/dinner was Mo’s Burgers…Mom got fish, Monkey got the Mo’s cheeseburger sans the sauce, and I got…well, I have no idea what I got…it was meat, cheese, some brown sauce and onions….and we all shared fries and onion rings. 

After we ate, the plan was another walk around the hotel. However, Mom and Monkey were ‘too tired’ to go out, so I left them at the hotel and went back to Tobu for some quiet (shopping) time. I found the new Baby Metal cd, it was on sale! I also found a bigger bag with a nice soft leather handle…the one that I made to bring along is awesome and all….but the strap is one of Monkey’s old chain and leather belts….my shoulder is a beautiful red and is a bit swollen due to the heaviness of said made bag and said strap. The new bag is awesome and was a only a little more than I wanted to pay. 

So now I’m back at the hotel, writing this, and watching some tv show…that I can’t figure out….it’s AWESOME!

I think I’ll pass out soon though….oh and all in all, I walked a little over 16 km (roughly 10 miles… butt is going to hate me tomorrow….)

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