Day 2 Japan 3 23 2014

Apparently it doesn’t matter what part of the world I’m in, 2:30am is the magical wake up time where I’m wide awake for at lest a half hour. Thankfully I was able to fall back to sleep and wake up with the alarm at 6am. Since it’s Sunday we decided to take our time getting ready and head out at a leisurely time.

Today’s adventure was East Ikebukuro, primarily Sunshine City and Animate with any shop that caught our eyes along the way. Mom’s knee was a bit on the sore side so we took our time walking and really got a chance to check out the sights….and the million and a half people that were also in East Ikebukuro. We wandered in and out of the Hello Kitty Store, Tokyo Hands, and through a few of the stores in Sunshine City before we headed over to Animate. I looked for a few items that I wanted to buy but could only find spoons. We brought cereal and oatmeal along with us but didn’t have a spoon to eat said food items…and using the handle end o a spoon doesn’t really cut it…not that we tried or anything……

All 8 floor of Animate were jammed with teens squealing and screaming over the newest anime/manga items. Monkey wanted to find a few thing there but because of the mass mayhem, we decided that coming back during the week would be the best plane.

Mom was tired so we went back to the hotel. We were all really hungry but neither Mom nor Monkey wanted to come with me to Tobu to get some food….jerks LOL Actually, it was really nice being able to go shopping by myself. I had my own little adventure in the grocery store trying to figure out which container was soy milk. I asked an employee and she totally helped me out. Besides the soy milk (tonyu – I’m spelling that wrong) I bought a container of apple juice and some cut fresh veggies…carrots, daikon, cucumber, and lettuce.

Satisfied with my grocery purchase, I headed over to the pre-made food booths. I bought some sushi ( 10 pices – it may have been only 8…I can’t remember) for less than $8 and a bowl with rice and fresh tuna for the ridiculous price of 680 Yen! That was the score of the day! Mom wanted fried rice so I bought some of that along with 2 teriyaki meatballs…omg amazing. At the bread booth I bought a chocolate filled horn and a bag consisting of 3 bread slices, a garlic roll with potatoes, melon pan with custard and whipped cream inside, and a sweet bun with read bean paste and sakura (cherry blossom) jelly inside. Since these food items were for lunch and dinner, all but the bread and chocolate filled horn were devoured! 

The food coma hit pretty fast. We had planned for another walk….which never happened as I’m now sitting here writing this while I’m comfortably lounging in my jammies on Monkey’s bed while she snores next to me LOL

Tomorrow is Harajuku, crepes, and more walking!

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