In the two hours that I’ve been awake I’ve: searched the house for cat dishes, washed and dried said dishes, fed and watered the cats, gotten the garbage ready to be taken out, gotten a new box of garbage bags, walked into the ski machine in the basement, bandaged my leg up from said encounter with machine, read my emails from two days, gotten ready another book that I sold on Amazon (wooooo), read the latest Metropolis news letter (it’s a publication out of Japan), blown my nose umpteen-million times, trimmed one (of five) cat’s nails, fixed the printer/scanner, and sipped a rather lovely cup (or two) of coffee. I certainly hope the rest of the day is this productive!


Wow, it really has been a while since I last visited my WordPress blog. I’m going to make it a habit of writing at least three times a week here.

Nothing new has really happened since I wrote last. I did start my business last year and promptly wasn’t able to work on it. This is the year that I really get things going and have a proper launch for my business, Tokyo Bags Tm. The first order of business is to get my sewing room set and ready to go. Today I’ll move the big furniture around and get all the material in the room. Then the sewing can begin! My goal is to make at least three bags a week.

Aside from that, we leave for Japan in 28 days. I’m so ready to be there. I can’t wait for the warmer weather and sunshine. Aside from re-visiting all the sites we say last year, we plan on checking out some Universities for Monkey. She has her heart set on going to University in Japan to pursue arts and business degrees. I want to get down to Kyoto as well as so many other places. Don’t get me wrong, I love Tokyo but I want to see more of the country.

And on that note, I need to start on the sewing room!