Japan Day 9

Today was another very low key day. Mom was tired and just wanted to hang around the hotel so Monkey and I ventured back to her favorite area – Harajuku.

I had given her the promise of crepes so as soon as we left the train station the first stop was at a crepe shop. With the exception of the fried soup balls, I have yet to be disappointed by the food here. Monkey had strawberry, chocolate, and whipped cream wrapped up nice and neat in a golden crepe, while I had warmed apples and cream cheese nestled in toasted crepe…YUM!!!!

We savored our morning treats as long as we could but it’s hard to eat and walk through a bustling street the size of an alley. Once the crepes were resting firmly in our bellies and our hands were free we browsed our way through Takshita Dori until we came to the street leading to the temple. We had been there once, but I didn’t take many pictures. Feeling a bit ballsier, I opted to try again.

The foot traffic cleared as soon as we came to the walk way. The area quieted down considerably and a peaceful bliss gently engulfs you as you enter the sacred grounds. Monkey and I poked around a bit more than before and I captured the moments with some pictures. I did however, respect the temple area and if there was a roof over my head or if I was close to the temple itself, I did not take any pictures. The pictures in mind far surpass any pictures taken by camera.

Eventually we had to leave the sacred grounds and ventured back into the throngs of people. Monkey wanted to nose around some of the shops that we didn’t see during the first visit. There are so many wonderful, interesting, head-tilting, and down right bizarre items/shops down Harajuku Dori and Takshita Dori.

We walked until we thought we wouldn’t be able to take another step, but then something would catch our eyes that we JUST had to see. Monkey had wanted another dress from Body Line, so we went there. The prices can’t be beat so she got another outfit that can be worn as one or two dresses.

My goal was to get into the ‘fancy’ shop. Words can not do this store justice. Flashy cabaret or showgirl outfits mesmerize the curious shopper while a jovial employee beckons you through the front door. A cacophony of colors blind you while leather, pleather, and vinyl tempt you. Sequins kimonos, mirror ball cat suits, feathers, platform heels, pictures of the latest Japanese heart-throbs bedecked in the latest shiny shirts are compete for your gaze. Honestly, there is so much to see jammed into two small rooms with labyrinth aisles. I could go back there every day and see something new. I did however, buy a gorgeous black dress for Anna’s wedding ^-^

Once our curiosity was satisfied, at least for the moment, Monkey and I decided it was time to go home to the hotel. She desperately wanted to show off her new outfit to her Mamo and I wanted to show off my new dress.

Finally we were off the train and back in the Ikebukuro train station. For some reason Monkey and I took a wrong turn and ended up on the other side of Tobu. This gave us a chance to explore the other food stuffs that are sold here. However, we both a bit tired and anxious to show off our new outfits so we headed back to the hotel.

Mom really liked both outfits and was glad that we had the chance to get them. She was a bit antsy though, so we all headed back. We walked a little around Tobu checking out the extremely high end merchandise some from designers I had never even heard of…but should.

Satisfied with our walk, Mom and Monkey went back to the hotel leaving me to do our evening meal shopping. Were as this could have proved to be dangerous – I like to experience new food items – I did not buy anything that was too outrageous. The fare was typical…fried rice, chicken and veggy tempura, sushi, and egg rolls.

Dinner eaten, room cleaned up, jammies on and make up off….I passed out!

Good job Japan!!

We hung out at the hotel for a bit before deciding that we needed to walk some more.

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