Japan Day 10

It was over-cast today. The weather report promised periods of rain. In actuality, it was more one long steady drizzle. This, however, did not keep us indoors for we had sights to see! Today it was back to Harajuku…but not to shop. Instead, we headed to the other side of the train station…towards the Meji Shrine.

The walk seemed endless as we tried, mostly, in vain to keep Mom under one of the umbrellas. I payed the small fee for us to walk through the Gardens which, even in the rain were amazing. I think the rain made it more magical too. We meandered along the path that led to, among many other magical places, Kiyomasa’s well. The well was amazing. A small bubbling area at the end of a little stream guarded by a kind and gentle man that feeds birds out of the palm of his hand. We could go onto carefully placed stepping stones in the stream to soak in the energy and take pictures looking into the stream for good luck. Monkey was apprehensive of standing on the stones so I went down to experience all that awesomeness.

Since there were more people waiting to experience the well, we went for food…also because we were all getting a little crabby. The food was amazing and so cheap! I had beef curry, Mom had soba, and Monkey had tempura udon. We all had melon soda…the best soda on the face of the planet!

Then…we made the pilgrimage to the Main Shrine.

Awe. Pure unfiltered awe.

Peace. Love. Bliss. Serenity. All these things can be felt entering through the Torii of Meiji. We each wrote a prayer and offered a few coins. We humbly went up to the Main Shrine and prayed. We bought a few amulets for 2013. And, then we made our way back. We stopped at the gift shop and picked up a few items before heading back to the train station.

Exhausted and wet from our day’s adventures, we made our way back to the hotel. Upon entering our room, we were greeted with another gift from the hotel…three bottles of water and three mini cakes – which we decided to save for NYE! I love this hotel!!

I was sent out again to retrieve food from Tobu and Lawsons. The regular foods were bought again. I was tempted to buy more as I wasn’t sure if the stores were going to be open tomorrow – New Year’s Eve – but I threw caution to the wind and bought only enough for the night and tomorrow morning’s breakfast.

We ate, played some Scrabble, and then passed out 🐱


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