Japan Day 8

Good Morning! …or at least it’s morning here in Japan as I write this. 🐱

Yesterday was another fabulous adventure day for us. We left the hotel a little past 9:30am to avoid the rush hour. Instead of traveling far, we opted to hang out in Ikebukuro and just walk around. On the maps there shows a little park on the east side just south of Sunshine City. We like parks, so off we went- headed for the park.

We found the area no problem, but it was walled up on the side that we came up to so we headed down the block. Once we got close to the corner, the wall opened up to show not a park, but a cemetery! In respect I did not take any pictures but it was very awesome! No monolithic sculptures of weeping angels but instead there was row after row of slender marker signs. Incense sticks were loving placed by the signs the smoke snaking and curling it’s way to the heavens.

There were some buildings surrounding the serene resting places of those departed, and I snapped a few pictures of those. The architecture is simply breathe taking!

We kept walking around the block and found the main entrance to the cemetery. Not knowing if it was alright for us to go in, we went in. I did take some pictures of the main building….GORGEOUS…and the surrounding ‘gardens’. The feeling inside was so peaceful and quiet…a complete opposite to the outside world. I could have spent the entire day just sitting and soaking in the feeling of love, peace, and quiet.

Eventually we had to go, so we continued on with our adventure. Sunshine City Dori is really close so that’s where we headed. We had viewed a larger Hello Kitty store on the way to Sunshine City the day before but were all so tired that we didn’t go in. Once we figured out which street we were on and which way we needed to head, we were on our way! Hello Kitty here we come!!!

Well, we got to the store a little early – the store didn’t open until 11am. So we were undecided about what to do…go back to the hotel to rest, go eat something, bicker back and forth…really quietly acting like we weren’t bickering. We took so long deciding what to do (all of 10 minutes maybe) that when I noticed a clock we only had 5 minutes to wait! So, we hung out on the corner and waited.

The clock finally struck 11 and the metal door front slide, not so quietly, up. We respectfully waited a few moments before heading in. The big purchase was 2 pairs of marshmellow pants – one for Monkey, one for me. Honestly, I bought the pants because I thought they were weird….but the are soooooo comfy!!! They are stretchy but not restrictive and hold in some areas that may need a bit held in. LOL

Pants bought and we were back on the street. Monkey was really hungry so we went back towards our hotel. We had want to try Mo’s Burgers, since it’s right across the street from the hotel. Mom and Monkey each wanted a fish sandwich and I wanted a burger and we all wanted fries and soda. Well, we were shorted one fish sandwich -but it turned out all right. Even with the small order of fries and two sandwiches, we were more than full. The sandwiches were normal sized too. My burger had what I thought was melted cheese…it turned out to be mayo, with fried onions, and some sort of steak sauce…maybe. The fish sandwich had a cheese of some sort with tarter sauce. Regardless of the mystery sauce, the burger was great and the fish sandwich was tasty!! Monkey and I got Melon soda…and now I want more!! I hope I can find it at Mitsuwa!

After we ate and rested a bit in the room, we decided to go back out. The 8th floor of Tobu has a little rest area with some kiddy rides and had intrigued Monkey the first day we spied it. The weather had been pretty rainy that first day and we didn’t have umbrellas so we didn’t go out there. Today, the weather was decent…a bit over-cast…but not rainy….so we went out! Monkey and I took a ride on the Pikkachu ride…which was definitely not big enough for both of us, so she sat on my lap LOL

After the ride, we took a stroll through some more of Tobu looking at the clothes and goods before going back to the basement for food for the night. Monkey and I have had sushi every night while we’ve been here and she didn’t want it tonight. I bought a small container of shrimp and veggy stir fry type of dish, 3 spring rolls, 3 chicken and veggy tempura balls. We also needed juice and water but that is cheaper at Lawsons…so then we headed there!

I picked up a beer as well as the juice, water, green tea, fruit (bananas and an apple), and a beer…which was wickedly good!

Back to the hotel to eat and then….pass out!

I can’t say enough how awesome of a time we’ve had so far.

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