Japan Day 6

A little late again on posting….sumimasen! I’ve been so tired by the time we get back to the hotel that I eat then pass out!

So…day 6 was a BIG walking day…but it was well worth it! We left around 9:30am for Mitaka and Studio Ghibli!! Monkey and Mom had to use the restroom before we got on the train headed for Shinjuku so that was the first stop. Mom was luckily ushered to the ‘handicap’ bathroom….it has a really cool sliding door and the room is big! Monkey had to use the regular bathrooms and wait in line…LOL  Mom and I waited for her to finish. Finally, she came out of the restroom, walked up to us, and muttered….”It was horrifying, but I did it.” Yup, I may have been the first to encounter the squat toliet, but Monkey was the first to use it!

With that adventure over, we were on our way to Shinjuku. The train ride was pretty normal and in no time at all we were at Shinjuku Station and changing trains. It took us a little bit to find out where we had to go but eventually found the Chuo line headed for Mitaka. Thankfully the signs over the door read in Hiragana/Katakana as well as English as this train did not have English announcements! This part of the journey was again really short but we were treated to our first views of Mount Fuji!!!! O.M.G.!! Spectacular…I was speechless and if there weren’t so many people on the train….too many in the way, I would have snapped some pictures.

Soon we were at Mitaka Station and completely clueless as to which way to go! After turning the map around a few times I finally found the right way. The walk was LONG! A lot longer than I originally thought it was going to be. If the scenery hadn’t been so beautiful the walk would have totally sucked because it was cold and windy! Eventually we made it to Mitaka Inokashira Park. The park wasn’t any different than parks back home but if just felt different. Studio Ghibli Museum isn’t too far into the park and soon we were inside and getting warm!

Unfortunately I couldn’t take photos inside the Museum, but outside I could snap away…which is exactly what I did!

The Museum was awesome. We explored every inch of the place and had a very tasty lunch there. Monkey had a huge pork cutlet sandwich and hot cocoa. I had Minestrone soup with bread and cherry coffee tea. Mom had a Cream soup with bread and Earl Grey tea.

We bought a few things at the gift shop and then were back out into the park headed to the train station.

The walk didn’t seem as far this time, and I took just as many pictures ^_^ The train ride was similar to the one on the way to Mitaka except no Mount Fuji sightings.

On the train back, we made friends with a Japanese woman, her mother, and her friend. It was weird because they didn’t speak English and my Japanese is not anywhere near conversation level…but we seemed to be able to understand each other. We traveled all the way to Ikebukuro station and then parted ways.

We made our evening stop at Lawsons for Food – an assortment of green tea, water, milk, convenience store sushi, chips and….nato! Yes, I tried nato. Monkey hated it….more than her history lessons…more than underwear commercials…it was priceless! I didn’t mind it. I don’t think I’d go out of my way and buy it again, but it wasn’t as bad as uni.

After dinner, we played another game of Scrabble and then passed out…by 7pm!


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