Japan Day Two

Because I forgot to post about Day one until today, I’m following it up with today’s post…

Holy crap did we walk a lot today!

We slept in a bit but I guess we all needed it. I think we all passed out around 8pm and slept till around 7am. We took our time getting ready this morning and figured out what we wanted to do. At first we were going to walk to Sunshine City but during our walk decided against it.

We had a light breakfast before going out. We had already been to Tobu – the west side department store so we decided to check out Seibu – the east side department store. The difference between the two is like night and day. Sure it’s busy on this side…but NOTHING like it is on the other side! The walk over there was nice. We went into a building that we thought was the big department store…but we were wrong. After getting lost inside that store we finally found our way out and were back on our way.

 When we finally reached one of the main entrances to Seibu we decided to go downstairs to the food area. Sweet mother Mary of all things….the people! I think there was the entire population of Milwaukee shopping down there! Needless to say, we didn’t stay there very long. As many of you know, I’m not a fan of HUGE crowds, especially in restrictive areas.

 So…we ventured back to the west side of Ikebukuro, stopped at Lawson’s for our lunch foods, and went back to the hotel room for some goods eats, a Scrabble game or two, and rest before heading out again.

 After about two hours we were ready to face the crowds of Tobu…which I REALLY like (and this isn’t me being sarcastic). We wanted to get to the Sanrio store and also check out the basement floors – where the REAL grocery stores are located. O.M.G. I’m totally in love with stores there. The Sanrio store is small but really awesome! Monkey got one stuffy that I bought and then there was ‘game’ that one could play for 500 yen. I gave her the money and the woman at the game – who spoke perfect English – helped her win a very cute My Melody pencil holder stuffy.

 We walked around a few of the other floors and I got some really good idea of the pricing. If we don’t find what we want in Harajuku, I’m going back to the stores to buy a few things 🐱 

 Next, it was down to the basement grocery stores. OMG….the prices were all over the board…depending on what you wanted. We got a quart of orange juice, shortbread cookies, and a biggish box of sushi (see the pictures posted from today) for just over 2,000 yen. Tomorrow we’ll go back and I’ll pick up a few things for Monkey and really cute xmas cake before getting Kentucky Fried Chicken.

I think tomorrow, before we do our evening meal shopping, that we are going to take the train to Harajuku for some more adventuring! And I’m sure that most places will be closed as it’s xmas eve tomorrow.

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